A perfect family portrait!

It’s all there. Smiling natural faces. Personality showing, not stiff or contrived. A classically composed family portrait on the beach made modern. I always do this type of portrait as the very last portrait in the series during our session. After all the fun and running around crazy on beach, we wind down with a beautiful, modern, but yet classic family portrait. It’s timeless.

It’s what separates us from all the other photographers around on the beach. Anyone can show up and call themselves a candid photographer and proclaim that you act natural whilst they click away with the camera. We direct fun, candid style shots, as you can see by browsing through our library of images, shooting for candid photojournalism is easy. Real masters also know how to build for and create a family portrait that draws from classical design elements.

This portrait is a perfect example of color and tonality choices when it comes to choosing everyone’s outfits. Mom wanted to do something different other than the traditional white and khaki and we love that. Many times we suggest the traditional because its easiest to shop for, and easiest to photograph for. We kind of believe in a sure thing around here.

However, if this is something you do once a year or more, you may like to mix it up. Look at the image. Complex patterns are limited and kept to a minimum. There’s nothing too contrasty, everything blends together very well. Whilst the outfits are fun, classy, and show personality, they also compliment the main purpose of the portrait, highlighting the faces. It’s important that clothing never distracts from the subject.

If we look at design elements. Mom is made tallest, we’re showing her as the leader of the family in this image. The family and the way they are structured  forms a pyramid. Your eye is drawn to mom first because the is the peak of the pyramid and she is wearing the pure white outfit. Notice how your eye keeps wondering around with the symmetry of all the other subjects, because of the way they are positioned and structured in the pyramid. It’s pleasing, engaging, and interesting to the eye of the viewer.

These elements to a portrait. Color, Contrast, Leading Lines, Shape, Darks and Lights, and Form is what makes for amazing portraiture.

We hope you enjoy our images as much as we do in making them.

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