Standing out from the crowd with Clearwater Beach Photography

What goes into a Clearwater Beach Portrait image?
Well, here was an unusually busy day at Sand Key on Clearwater Beach where we do the sessions.
Firstly here is the final image…
But take a look at the original. There was three weddings taking place. Tourists enjoying a day at the beach. And a few other photographers. Though we try to encourage most of our families to shoot on any other day other than Saturdays, Saturdays aren’t really a problem either. Just takes a little extra work on the images.
We try to make everything as nice as possible. Even when there are about 100 people in the background to photoshop out. We don’t charge extra for this. We just consider it as part of what should be done….
Just another one of the differences that separate our Clearwater Beach Photography from the rest of the crowd… No pun intended…


Fun times creating Clearwater Beach Photography.

This family was a blast to photograph. When we arrived the kids were already down at the beach splashing around in the water at Clearwater Beach. Laid back good times was what this session was all about. You could really feel the sense of very close bonds this family had with each other. And the couples, talk about some happy couples. Both the couples in this group were so adorable. You could just feel the love. It seemed like every other frame we had during the editing process they were looking at each other with big smiles full of love. That’s an amazing thing to witness. It’s a blessing that we get to share in and capture such moments with countless families every year as we capture their families Clearwater Beach Photography. After photographing hundreds of beach family portraits, I can attest that it really does never get old. Family portraits are never the same experience from one family to the next. We love keeping the kids energized during our portrait sessions on the beach, because we want them to have fun and not feel like getting portraits created is a chore. The kids here were amazing to work with. So full of energy and we’re just really awesome and happy kids. They loved playing at the beach and we loved photographing them. It’s working with the kids which is the best part of the job. It’s always so much fun.

We can’t wait to see you out on the beach next!

We are getting a lot of inquires already for October, November, and even December. So be sure to call us, so we can discuss your family portrait needs at the beach a little earlier this year. Because it is going to be an extremely busy year. We did 93 portrait sessions in June, July, and August alone. So we are preparing for an even busier holiday season. We’re ready for you and your family next!

There’s a reason why we are the busiest photographers at Clearwater Beach. That’s because we listen to our customers needs. We make their Clearwater Beach Photography about them not us. We are silly and crazy, and love getting the kids excited about portraits. We’re very high-energy because we love what we do. We are also experts at communicating our portrait ideas, posing, and creating those journalistic shots.

The biggest reason we hear over and over again from our customers as to why they chose us, was because our work was vibrant and full of life. It had excitement and real enthusiasm in it. We love to hear that. We believe that consistency counts. The Clearwater Beach Photography you see on this website is consistent. We show ALOT of work here throughout all the pages on this website. If you like the photography you see here, then that’s what your going to get. No surprises or excuses with us. That’s the professional difference behind our Clearwater Beach Photography!

We hope to hear from you and your family soon!

Thanks again for checking out our work.

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Some new Clearwater Beach Photography to share!

September usually winds down a bit after a super busy summer. Which is ok with us. It gives us a chance to catch up on some other things we have to work on. Like developing new ideas for future Clearwater Beach Photography sessions. September makes a great time for family portraits though. The evenings are already starting to get a bit cooler and it’s also a great month for locals to beat the seasonal rush of summer time and the holiday times, so they can get their Clearwater Beach Photography too. On the weekdays the beaches are a bit lighter with people too, so it makes a great combination. Here’s some new Clearwater Beach Family Photography to share from just a few days ago.

We are gearing up and getting ready for the holidays. The season starts to pick up again in early October. We already have a quite a few sessions on the calendar. So be sure to give us a ring so you get your pick of open days now.

We look forward to creating memories for your family next!

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