Winters a good time to stay in and cuddle… Or go to Florida and while your there get some awesome Clearwater Beach Photography.

Winters a great time to stay in and cuddle. Or…. go to Florida and escape the deep freeze. While you’re here, treat yourself to some amazing Clearwater Beach Photography. We know our friends to the north are freezing their tails off. Not to rub it in… But it has been in the 70’s around these parts, with wonderful beach days. Ok, we’re rubbing it in a bit. So whether you are here now escaping the cold or planning your trip. Here is yet another sampling from a recent Clearwater Beach Photography session.

These were some really fun kids to hang out with. Full of energy and they loved exploring. It was one of those session to where we could have just kept on shooting and shooting. This is what it is all about. Laughing, running around, throwing sea shells, and getting some great images that look natural and fun.

Looking forward to March, we already have 11 sessions on the calendar, but still plenty of open time to reserve your session now. We are expecting March to be busier than ever this year due to the ice age that has been going on up north. So the earlier you call, the more date flexibility we will have for you still to get some awesome Clearwater Beach Portraits.

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Funny Family Portrait at Clearwater Beach – Surfs Up Dude!!!

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Believe it or not, we actually have surfers on this coast. Every once in a while, usually before or after a cold front comes in or a storm, the waves can get pretty decent. We have many locals who live here, who surf on the other East Coast, but get some decent practice here at home.

So we were just starting this family portrait session on this particular day and one of the surfers I run into all the time came walking by on the boardwalk path which leads from the parking lot to the beach. He’s a cool guy, super friendly, and funny. This time he decided to photobomb us. It actually turned out really cool and the family loves it. Made for a hilarious candid moment. Really you can’t script this stuff!

Since this surfer dude is now part of the official family portrait for this family. I now hear formal adoption proceedings are in the works.


Super Cute Couple Alert! Clearwater Beach Photography

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I could just hang out with these two all the time. This was such a fun couple to work with. The silliness didn’t stop the entire session but we got some adorable and romantic couples portraits from this recent Clearwater Beach Photography session.

They were just recently married and already wanted to get more portraits made. So that’s how they ended up hanging out with us at Clearwater Beach Portraits. How awesome is that!?!

Couples and Maternity Portraits at Clearwater Beach

It’s important to take time out and celebrate your first baby and your time together as a couple. This is exactly what this couple did. We had a wonderful time creating a mix of cute and romantic couples portraits and some maternity style images. It was a wonderful day at Clearwater Beach, and we got treated to an amazing sunset. Couldn’t ask for a better day at the beach! 🙂photocrati gallery