Spring Break 2015 Continues with New Clearwater Beach Photography

Spring Break 2015 continues with sessions being photographed daily! Here are some of our favorite images from last weeks Clearwater Beach Photography sessions! We’ve been busy creating family portraits nearly every single night this month, and staying on top of finishing each session to get them done within seven days or less. Hope you enjoy these latest images. As always too see more, be sure to check out our facebook page as we update that even more frequently than our blog. https://www.facebook.com/ClearwaterBeachPortraits?ref=hl

We’ll see you at the beach!

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Spring Break Season is here!

Spring Break Season is here! Get ready for a huge blast of new Clearwater Beach Photography. So many families and we are so very excited! Here is a few sneak peaks from just two of the last four evenings!

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Spring break time is here and that means awesome Clearwater Beach Photography

Spring break time is here and that means creating some awesome Clearwater Beach Family Portraits nearly every single day. We get crazy busy this time of year and love every second of it. March and April are some of our busiest months. It’s great to see Clearwater Beach bustling with people out and about again after the off season.

Though we get busy around March and April, summer is even busier. Typically we photograph over 100 families just in the months of June, July, and August alone. So if you are planning a summer vacation to Clearwater Beach and are looking for some incredible Clearwater Beach Photography, then now is the best time to contact us to get first dibs for the best session slot availability.

We invite you to fill out a contact form on this website or call us today. Just by talking to us, you will see the Clearwater Beach Portraits difference. We’re the photographers around town who “ALWAYS” pick up the phone, unless we are actually photographing a session. We get constant praise on how wonderful our customer service is, because we call inquiries typically within minutes of receiving a contact form. We are the best communicators in the business and that is so very important. We will discuss every one of your needs and details about your family portrait session, ensuring you go into the process confident you are getting the best beach photography experience ever offered.

Our turn around time for completed photography is phenomenal. We always deliver your high resolution digital images within seven days of your portrait session. You are empowered with a release form, allowing you to make prints anywhere you choose. They are your images, we made them for you, to make you happy, so you should be able to use them however you choose.

Our sessions are so high-energy and fun, that so many times, random people on the beach stop us and ask us for a card, because when witnessing us photographing a family portrait they want in on the fun themselves. That happened again just last night.

We get you a large variety of modern and energetic portraits that you and your entire family will cherish forever. All these reasons are why, you and your family should work with us next. Because we are literally the best on photographers on the beach and so very proud to be able to say that. The best part of the whole experience for us, is consistently getting to work with the coolest families around. We cherish each and every one of you, it’s you that has made our dream come true.

Here is an image we photographed yesterday during another one of our Clearwater Beach Portrait Sessions.

We’re headed out the door, and back at it again today. We’ll see you at the beach!


Most amazing Clearwater Beach Photography you have ever seen – Beautiful Couples Portraits


You’ve never seen Clearwater Beach Photography like this before…

Taking things to a whole new level.


Every once in a while, you get a phone call that really makes the wheels start spinning in your head. This particular session started with one such phone call from a wonderful woman named April. She wanted to have some very special Clearwater Beach Portraits created of her Husband Chad, Herself, and their two dogs. They had recently moved to Clearwater Beach and wanted to make some extra special portraits for around the house and to share with family and friends. She wanted a completely custom session, that really showed who they were and how they lived their day to day lives.

So… We did what we do best and got to work.


The session started with an amazing ride on Chad’s boat. We embarked about an hour and a half before sunset on a 20-minute ride which would take us to a small private little island just off of Clearwater Beach. It was on this island, that we would create some of the most special Clearwater Beach Photography we have ever made.

Carolyn and I, began first off by scouting the island. First circling it with the boat, and then walking the perimeter. This session wasn’t about keeping it super high-energy like we normally do, and firing off a ton of frames in order to keep up with kids. This portrait session was about isolating five to six spots on the island to make every image we clicked a masterpiece. We wanted knock this Clearwater Beach Portrait Session of the park, and we were methodical about every detail.

It was also important to consider the anchoring position of the boat itself. Because, aside from island, we also wanted to create a couple portraits of April and Chad on their boat too.


We needed to be able to get on and off the boat and be ready to shoot both on the island and aboard the vessel, effortlessly without taking up too much time and missing out on the sweet light.

On the island itself we started, we started off with some cool images of the dogs running towards the camera. We knew the dogs where a bit older, so we wanted to start off with the running shots early on, before they got tired. This shot of the dogs running was the very first image we snapped on the island. Of course, we like a lot going on in our portraits, and this portrait was just as much about our wonderful couple we were working with and not just the dogs, so we incorporated them into it too.


clearwater_beach_couples_photography-3After that we walked to another corner of the island to create a more traditionally approached portrait of April and Chad, as well as per Aprils request firing of a few shots of just him with the dogs too.

We love creating panoramic and scenic journalistic portraits. It is one of the things that sets us apart as Clearwater Beach Photographers.

But, we also have a great love for a more time honored traditional approach, but we always do the traditional with a bit of modern flair.

The two images on the left here and below were photographed in this fashion.

clearwater_beach_couples_photography-4We also, took the time to photograph the dogs by themselves as so ducks caught their attention. I really thought when they saw the ducks those dogs were going to be out to sea in a flash….


Next we shot a series of images as the sun was starting to descend from the sky. I think these next images where some of the most amazing from the series. Very photojournalistic, very powerful, and simply stunning.

photocrati gallery

Finally, I had everyone board back on the boat as it was time to go. Carolyn is ducked down hiding inside the boat assisting with keeping the dogs in place. This is the final shot right before we left. We had an amazing time photographing this portrait session on Clearwater Beach. Going out on a boat to a private island off of Clearwater Beach to make couples portraits was a first for us in the many years we have been doing this. If the opportunity every presented itself in the future, we would be there in a flash! Thanks so much to April and Chad for the experience and entrusting us with their memories.

This little note from April really made us feel great too. The best reward for us is knowing that we made people happy. That’s what it’s all about for us.

“Hi JP,
Thank you so much!! The images are gorgeous. We definitely picked the right photographer. We appreciate all your work and had a lovely time with the both of you.
Have a wonderful weekend,

What makes visiting Clearwater Beach so special to you?


This image was created with a our little sidekick the Fuji X-M1 – Great little camera for shooting all kinds of things like our recent boat ride and other stuff where a full blown DSLR isn’t needed.


What makes visiting Clearwater Beach so special to you?

I ask some form of this question quite often when talking to folks planning their trip or during our sessions. Part of the great joy that comes from being a beach photographer, is interacting, and getting to know so many different families from all over. What I find amazing from my personal experience, through working with such a diversity of people from all different walks of life, is that the we are all more alike than different.

I once asked the mother during one of our Clearwater Beach family portraits a similar question last year and her answer stuck with me. She said she was raised far away from a beach. Her beach back home was a tub in the backyard. In which herself and siblings played in. One of her earliest and most recalled childhood memories was the family vacation her parents took them on to Clearwater Beach. Which is why she continued the tradition with her own children. The very first time she stepped foot on the beach, was sort of frightening. Because of all the water. But yet exciting at the same time. She said her first memories of the beach was so different than anything she was used to, and that she never knew there was such beauty in the world.

For other folks it may be that going to the beach was a regular part of their childhood. Spending weekends boating on Dad’s boat, lazy Sundays at the beach after church searching for sea shells and playing in the sand, and even regular picnics at the beach. For me growing up, I remember Mom and Dad always taking us to have a picnic on the beach at least once a week during the summertime. We also used to ride around in my Dad’s boat, spending time fishing and taking in the sights, as shown in the top of this article with a recent picture of Clearwater Beach captured with our Fuji X-M1 sidekick Camera.

It seems that spending time at the beach as a family is such a sought out common thread that bonds together so many of us. It’s a special place where we make happy memories as a family. A place where we as adults travel to, in order to shrug off the responsibilities of the day to day grind and just enjoy our children… Enjoy being with our spouse… To just enjoy life. To take a time out.

So it seems only natural as to why family portraits at Clearwater Beach are so important too. We are ridiculously blessed to be able to share in these moments by creating family portraits for so many. I’m in awe of how blessed I am as a photographer to be enabled to witness such moments in peoples lives nearly every day. It’s especially the children we photograph, that keep me young at heart, keep my silly and never too serious, and make me genuinely want to make their portrait session a super silly, fun, and exciting experience.

Here is another recent Clearwater Beach Photography session that we did out on Clearwater Beach. We look forward to working with your family next. All of us at Clearwater Beach Portraits are so thankful that you choose us time and time again to create works of art from your family experience at the beach. Together, we keep creating beautiful things and our website is a testament to the power of family. The importance of togetherness, and why family is the most important thing in our lives. As you pour over the art that we’ve created over the years throughout this website with over sixteen hundred images, remember you’re the artist giving us the content, the beach is the canvas, and we’re just the brush. Each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart.

Thanks so much for being part of our journey and letting us play a little itty bitty role in yours.

– JP

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