Clearwater Beach Photography – Highlights – It’s all about the love!


So the other day we got together and pulled over 200 images from our Clearwater Beach Photography Archives. We thought it would be fun from time to time to focus on one specific image at a time. Taking to time to write what we love about a specific beach portrait.

So for our first feature. Here is a Clearwater Beach Portrait of a wonderful family we had the pleasure of photographing. We adore this image. Much of the time, we focus on showing beautiful panoramic scenes placing the family in the beach environment. We try to show dramatic and beautiful scenes, as you can see from much of our work on this website.

What we love about this image, is during a brief second, in between setting up poses. I noticed the family standing very close together and playing about. It was a snap decision, and at the time I walked up very close with the lens and simply told them to grab hold of each other and pull each other in really tight. This whole image works so wonderfully as a close up family portrait. I love Mom’s snap instinctual decision to kiss her daughter on the forehead and the smiles just look so genuine and honest.

So often is the case that these quick candid moments, make for the best images in a series, because no one was taking the time to over think or over analyze the fact that they are being photographed. Images like this is what makes us fall in love everyday with creating new Clearwater Beach Photography.