Relax and enjoy yourselves… Your time with us is about much more than pictures!


We try to prepare everyone for their family portraits at Clearwater Beach, by explaining to them that this is not going to be your sit down, everyone smile  at the camera, stay in one place, typically boring portrait session. We’re about so much more than just, click… take a pic… We are super high energy photographers, silly with the kids, somewhat crazy, eccentric, full of jokes and laughs, wanting you to have a great time because we want to have a great time working for you too. Our Clearwater Beach Photography is infused with personality and energy.

clearwater-beach-photography-1-8Your family photography experience at Clearwater Beach should be more than just about the pictures. We think it should be about what goes into the pictures. The entire experience should be memorable. It’s not just a time for beach pictures, but also another opportunity on your vacation to spend some real quality time with your children and your spouse.

We keep the children entertained. Playing games as we create portraits, letting the kids run and race, we do things to get the wiggles out, encourage them to have silly moments because we know we have to mix it up for them…. and it works. Time and time again, every night.

Your children get to see and learn about lots of things during our portrait sessions too. During the month of July this summer out at Sand Key next to Clearwater Beach where we do most of our photography sessions, we have seen lots of sea turtle nests. So many of the children have had the chance to see the sectioned off nests up close, and we get the opportunity to tell them all about the sea turtles and why it is important we protect them. We love living here, we grew up here, so it’s wonderful to get the opportunity to share our love of Clearwater Beach with so many kids. Another fun fact is, many scenes from Dolphin Tale 2 were filmed out at Sand Key, and the kids love finding that out. Down by the rocks, which you can see in many of our images, are lots of sea shells, so as we walk from spot to spot making portraits, we get to find all kinds of amazing shells. On any given night you just never know what may wash up on shore. So far this month we have found Conch Shells, Star Fish, Sand Dollars, and some other rather beautiful shells.

After your portrait session, we highly encourage you to stop over at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, there is so much to see and learn there. It’s a wonderful place. We grew up visiting the aquarium frequently as children ourselves and bring our own children often for visits with the dolphins, turtles, otters, and pelicans. We love that the movies have brought so much recognition to the aquarium. It is so well deserved.


Reality family portrait? We love this image and it made us LOL a bit. 🙂

During your portrait session we keep you moving. We keep the portrait session going with a brisk pace. Lots of variety is key to our portraits. We like creating different scenic views behind your family. We want to make beautiful portraits with dramatic backgrounds. After all, isn’t that why you chose to have portraits created for your family at Clearwater Beach?

Summer 2015 has been amazing so far. We are so thankful to all of the families that chose us to create their portraits for them this year. The best compliments we receive are from the Dad’s especially, when at the end they proclaim… “This was actually fun!”… 🙂 Just last night, we received a wonderful compliment by a mother who said she chose us, because out of all the photographers she called, our work was best, but even more importantly when she talked to us on the phone, we were genuinely nice, and it was obvious we cared.

…. and you know what? We do care. We have so much fun creating portraits for different families every single evening during the summer. Some may think it would get old, or we would get worn out. But we don’t. Because working with the kids makes it so much fun for us. We’ve created portraits for thousands of families and the biggest thing we have come to see over the years is, no two families are ever the same, and every single portrait session has a different dynamic. That diversity is what makes our work so enjoyable. We truly love what we do. Thank you for letting us continue to do what we love!

See you at the beach!


Christmas in July? Summer 2015 Continues to Rock! Awesome Clearwater Beach Photography


So it was the night before summer vacation and all the through the house….. Wait a second… It’s July! That means we are in the full swing of things creating awesome Clearwater Beach Photography for families from all over the United States and beyond. Every year just seems to get busier and busier as hundreds of families converge on Clearwater Beach and seek us out to create some beautiful sunset beach photography at Clearwater Beach.


We have it all at Clearwater Beach, movie star dolphins, beautiful beaches, and amazing sunsets. Plus, and we may be a little bit bias here, but we’ve also got the best beach community that could be found anywhere!

We are incredibly excited to share just a small sampling of some of the amazing Clearwater Beach Sunset Photography we have been creating over the last few weeks. The remainder of July is jam packed with upcoming portraits sessions, and we are looking forward to meeting and working with beautiful families like yours from all over.

We are so thankful for all of you for continuing to make Clearwater Beach such a success. We’ve gotten to work with many repeat families this year in addition to all the new families we have met.




clearwater-beach-family-portraitsWe work around the clock during the summer, behind the camera every single evening, and working on pictures from dawn until late at night, doing our very best for you. Because we want to give you and your family and unforgettable experience that not only gets you beautiful beach photography which you will cherish forever, but we also want you to have a fun experience that was accompanied with lots of laughs and a portrait session that felt like it was an adventure for the kids.

We hope you enjoy this latest sampling of recent Clearwater Beach Photography from late June and early July 2015! Can’t wait to see you at the beach soon! Thank you so much for your support in continuing to make Clearwater Beach Portraits the busiest photography company on Clearwater Beach.


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Happy 4th of July!

We’ve been super busy with family portrait sessions at Clearwater Beach all during the month of June and haven’t had much extra time for keeping up with the blog here. But as always be sure to check out our facebook and google pages for the latest happenings. Over 50 families spent time with us creating portraits on Clearwater Beach during the month of June. That is a new record for one month for us as a company and we are super thrilled and honored to be the first choice for so many families. Expect a new wave of some of our favorites from June, after the 4th of July has past. We’ll be out of the office on the 4th and 5th of July. But will be right back to work that Monday morning booking new sessions for July, editing images from this week, and preparing a whole boat load of great Clearwater Beach Photography to share with you here and on our social media websites.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Here is a sneak peak from yesterdays amazing family portrait session at Clearwater Beach! Hope to see your family next on the other side of our cameras at the Beach!