This has been the best summer ever!


This past week marked the last super busy week of summer 2015. As the summer season draws to a close, it’s great to take some time to reflect on what has been the best summer ever at Clearwater Beach Portraits. We’ve met some of the most amazing families in the past three months. Families who have come from all over the country, and sometimes from halfway around the world to spend time relaxing and enjoying all of which Clearwater Beach has to offer.

We’re so lucky to be able to create fantastic Clearwater Beach Photography for so many different families. I sometimes think about how fortunate we are. We have such a special job, creating beach portraits for families that they will re-visit again and again for years to come. It is so rewarding, especially at times when you get a chance to work with kids who have never seen the beach before, or get to take part in a large family gathering with multiple generations who haven’t all gotten together in years. Sometimes you even get to photograph a few surprise proposals, baby announcements, and more. Every portrait session at the beach we do is unique just like the people and families we meet. Every one with their own unique story to tell. It’s a privilege to share in these special moments and create beach photography for so such a diverse group of people every summer.

So as we start to wave goodbye to the summer season. It’s a great time to reflect, but also look forward to the upcoming fall and holiday season. October, November, and December are always super busy months, and we’re looking forward to meeting more awesome families. We can’t wait to see your family at the beach next!