Trick or Treat?


We’re working this morning, putting the finishing touches on this recent family portrait session¬†from Clearwater Beach, and thought it would be fun to share some additional details of how we always go the extra mile for you!

Often times children have a mind of their own. That’s what makes our job so fun. We all know that little kids usually don’t like to sit still, especially when they are hanging out somewhere cool like the beach. Of course we always do lots of running around and candid shots with the kids. But we also know that the family wants some nice portraits of the entire group all together too. When working with lots of small children in unison, sometimes things can get… Well… Tricky! But… That’s ok. We have a plan, the experience, and some Tricks of our own to ensure we always get the shot!

The main finished image featured here is actually four images in one. We borrowed elements from four images total to make one beautiful image and bring everything into harmony. We always have a method to how we create portraits in the field knowing that if needed we can bring it all together in photoshop.

This family¬†beach portrait is a perfect example of how our methods work. We knew we were never going to get all the children and adults in sync for one shot and that’s perfectly ok. We always reassure the parents and communicate every step of the way during the time we are behind the camera so they know what we are trying to accomplish as we are shooting.

Later we open up our magic potions in photoshop and bring it all together!

We even remove the random people out of the background. Because your family portrait is about your family. Not lots of strangers on the beach. We’ve been removing random people with our spooky spells for years. Just another one of our tricks that makes Clearwater Beach Portraits stand out from everyone else.

We always go the extra mile for you. Making your portrait session fun on the beach and beautiful behind the computer.

We wish you all a very safe and happy Halloween! Have fun Trick or Treating out there today with the little ones. We’ll see you on the beach this November and December!


We’re all about Family Photography at Clearwater Beach and getting you lots of variety!

Family photography at Clearwater Beach. That’s what we specialize in. We always believe in getting you a lot of variety in your beach photography. But rather than just click away at the camera. We always have an action plan in mind, keeping the portrait session fun and moving. We love to incorporate many different beachy scenes in the background of your images. Like Lifeguard towers, rock jetty’s, sea oats & beach sawgrass, and of course colorful skies on the horizon of the water.

Here is a portrait session from just this week. What an incredible family to create portraits for. This Clearwater Beach Photography session was a great way to kick off a super busy week for us. Here is a sampling and sneak peak of 34 of the 88 images we finished for this family! We love the color palette they chose for their outfits. It worked so well this evening. It was absolutely the perfect choice.

We hope you enjoy the images as much as we did when we created and prepared them.

We’ll see you in the coming months for the upcoming Holidays!

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