We’re your Clearwater Beach Photographers for 2016

We’re starting the New Year off right with lots of family portraits in January! With the exception of just a few days this month the weather has been otherwise perfect for creating new family portraits at Clearwater Beach. Speaking of making new Clearwater Beach Photography. Check out this recent family beach portrait session from about a week ago! You know you have a cool uncle if he comes up with the idea if setting up a family portrait session while everyone is on vacation. You also know you’re going to have a great time when everyone is originally from Ohio and are Ohio State fanatics. So of course we incorporated a little Ohio State love into these Clearwater Beach Portraits.  We had a wonderful time and shared lots of laughs. A perfect example of why we have the coolest job on the planet. Because we simply get to work with cool people all the time. 🙂


We’re staying super busy getting ready for the coming spring break and summer seasons. We love getting lots of calls, emails, and facebook messages from old friends we have created beach portraits for in years past, letting us know they are coming back. We’re excited to make new friends and meet new families from all over the USA again this year. We always have a great time.

In case you’re new here and are just recently checking us out. Let us fill you in on the Clearwater Beach Portraits difference and why we would be so happy, proud, and honored to work with your family this year. Here’s just three simple points off the top of our heads to consider.

Number one, it sounds so simple, but we always pick up the phone unless we are behind the camera creating portraits. We are fanatics about treating people great, some people call this customer service, we just think it’s how a photography business should be run. We’re freaky fast with responding to inquiries and answering questions. We love what we do and it shows from the very first moment you talk to us.

Number two, we’re always fun to work with, always have a smile on our face, and have the experience to make your Clearwater Beach Photography memorable. We don’t experiment on anyone, our methods are tried, true, and tested. We’re educated and experienced photographers and we’re really good at working with children.

Number three ….. We just simply care about what we do. It goes way beyond just our love for photography. What we really enjoy the most about making Clearwater Beach Portraits is getting to interact with such a large and diverse amount of families from all over. We’ve said it over and over throughout the years, but it warms our heart so much when we think about all the families we get to work with. From all different backgrounds and walks of life. That at our core, we’re all so similar in that each and everyone of us place such a huge importance on family. After all that’s why we’re here. So really, that alone is what makes our job so special. We do more than just create images… We provide you and your family not just photographs but also a memorable and fun experience that will leave you with a smile on your face.

We can’t wait to see you at Clearwater Beach in 2016!

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We make some great friendships along the way.

The best part of what we do is getting to meet and interact with so many wonderful people from all over the country and the world. It’s always exciting meeting new people and making new friends. There’s a little backstory to how we came to create these images. We met this adorable couple a few days prior to taking these photographs, when we were creating family portraits for them. We were working with them to photograph their entire family all together. During the course of the portrait session, the wonderful young lady in the photographs here slid and fell in the water. She got soaked! Luckily it was towards the end of the big family portrait session, so we were able to get all the family portraits we needed. But, we wanted to get them some portraits of just the two of them too. Since we were unable to because she got soaked, we invited them out a few days later to do a few portraits just for them. It was great to meet this local couple, we laughed so much and had a wonderful time. After the second time around working with them within just a few days, it really felt as if we were hanging out with old friends. I got a feeling we will see them again soon too. I hope so. We had a wonderful time creating some adorable portraits for them at the beach. 🙂

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A beautiful Clearwater Beach Photography session for a beautiful family!

It was a perfect day to create some really cool Clearwater Beach Portraits with an amazing family! We love evenings where we get such beautiful colors and soft light.  We had a wonderful time exploring the beach with the kids, goofing around, and at the same time making some awesome Clearwater Beach Photography.

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A portrait session for a wonderful couple to kick off the new year :)

We took a little hiatus from posting on the blog around Christmas and the New Year. Focusing our efforts on creating portraits for lots of families and spending some quality time with our own. But we’re back! First off… Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great time celebrating the New Year!

I couldn’t think of anything cooler than kicking off the first week of the New Year with a portrait session for an amazing couple who were recently engaged!

We have lots to share over the coming days from many portrait sessions we’ve photographed over the last many weeks, so stay tuned!

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