Here’s just some of what we’ve been up to in April.


We’re getting ready for another amazing summer at Clearwater Beach! Even May is shaping up to be a very busy month. The month of May is already almost completely booked up. We’re excited about creating awesome Clearwater Beach Photography straight through summer. We still have openings on our calendar for June and July, so be sure to call us as early as possible to reserve your portrait session. We typically try to encourage everyone to schedule their Clearwater Beach Photography earlier in their stay, before you get sun burnt and also to leave some wiggle room aso we can schedule back up days for you in case of a rainy day.

Here’s is just some of the Clearwater Beach Family Portraits we created in April so far!

photocrati gallery

We even got the special honor to create some incredible Senior Portraits at Clearwater Beach this month too.

photocrati gallery

We look forward to seeing you at the beach next!

Be sure to call us today at 727-793-7828 to get on the calendar.

As we say goodbye to the month of March, we look forward to more amazing Clearwater Beach Photography in April!


March has come and gone, and it was an amazing month for creating beautiful Clearwater Beach Photography for so many families. March always kicks off our busy season which lasts straight through till August. This year has been hands down the best year ever and  we have you to thank for that. We love what we do. Creating family portraits at Clearwater Beach for so many different families from all over the country is quite possibly the coolest job anyone could ask to have.

It’s heart warming to get to visit and talk with so many different people as we create portraits, we’ve made so many friends over the years and this year we’ve made many more connections which we are sure will last for years to come. It’s especially great to get to revisit with many of the same families year after year, we feel so special and honored to be chosen to be part of your lives, watching your kids grow up, watching you as a family grow together, and we get chosen time and time again to document that for you. We are truly blessed!


If you’re just checking Clearwater Beach Portraits out for the first time and are learning more about us. We’d like to take a moment to tell you a little bit about us and what sets us apart from everyone else. First and foremost we are Florida Grown Natives, born and raised in the Clearwater Beach Area. We are a family run Clearwater Beach Vacation Photography business that grew to be the busiest Beach Photography business in the area, simply because of amazing people like you.

We never sought out to be the biggest or the busiest photographers on Clearwater Beach. In fact Clearwater Beach Portraits started out with humble intentions. We just wanted to create beautiful beach photography for families from all over, and we wanted to make the prettiest pictures around. Really simple. We always believed from day one in going the extra mile. We just treat people how we would want to be treated. We always work hard on your beach pictures even after the session is over, we remove random people out of the background and other random objects, making it look like you had the beach to yourself. We try our very best to ensure our pictures are consistently beautiful. We show over four thousand pictures throughout this website and blog, demonstrating to you that we are consistent. We strive to give you confidence that you can put your faith in us for your Clearwater Beach Photography.


We love working with children. That’s the best part of our job. We’re like big kids ourselves. The first thing we do when we meet you and your children on the day of your portrait session, is we get on their level. Especially with the little ones, we act silly and goofy, show a genuine interest in them, and these kids know within the first few minutes that this Clearwater Beach Photography session is going to be fun. Of course we teach them to yell “SHARK!!!” really loud on the beach too. Sorry, if they pick up that bad habit. 😉


If you fill out a contact form online on anyone of the pages throughout this website, you will be pleasantly surprised at how prompt we are in getting in touch with you. Actually we’re kinda Freaky Fast with our customer service. That’s because we are excited to serve you. We’re excited to create portraits for you… and we know you’re excited too. We love to talk with all of our families to learn more about them, tell them about us and what we do, talk about outfits and colors, and schedule the best time for your portrait session.


We take great pride in how we run Clearwater Beach Portraits, we take greater pride in our outstanding reputation. But… The best part is the families we serve. See, you’re the most important part. It’s never been about us as photographers, we’ve always made it about you. We know that it is people just like you who have made our work shine. The beach is the blank canvas, our camera is the paint brush, but it is your family that brings the painting to life. Countless families just like yours have made our dreams of becoming great Clearwater Beach Family Portrait Photographers come true. So it is our honor to make your dream of having amazing Clearwater Beach Portraits for your own family, come true.


At Clearwater Beach Portraits, we make keepsakes for you and your family for cherish for life and in return we make so many long lasting friendships with so many families that touch our lives everyday.

We cherish and adore everyone of you!

Thank you so much for making Clearwater Beach Portraits shine!