We’re the only Clearwater Beach Photographers that work around the clock for you!


We just may be truly, the only Clearwater Beach Photographers that work around the clock for you. Just the other night in fact, when we returned from creating some new family portraits at the beach, our phone started ringing. The customers on the other end we’re prepared to leave us a message, they thought we would just call them back in the morning. It was late. They we’re surprised when we picked up the phone and made ourselves available to help them right away. But… they shouldn’t be. Because, that’s how we have always been. In fact unless we’re behind the camera creating portraits, we always pick up the phone.


We love what we do. It shows in every single way we conduct ourselves. From the first time you talk to us when setting up your family portrait session at Clearwater Beach, through the fun times we have with each and every one of you while we are creating your portraits, and straight on through to the delivery of your portraits. Every day it shines that we love being your Clearwater Beach Photographers of choice! Because you make us shine! Every family we get to hang out with and create portraits for is so special. That’s what makes our job awesome!

Here’s some more recent portraits from an incredible time we had creating family portraits at Clearwater Beach this weekend! We hope you have a fantastic weekend! See you soon…

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Your Clearwater Beach Photographers for Summertime 2016!


Summertime 2016 is upon us, and before we get super busy this season we wanted to take time out to say Thank You. We’re incredibly lucky to be the Clearwater Beach Photographers of choice for so many different families each and every year. We’re looking forward to making this year the best year ever.

We have a very special job and take great pride in our work at Clearwater Beach Portraits. We are so proud of our business, because it’s all of you that have made it so special. Each and every portrait session is very unique, just like the families we meet from all over the United States and the world. We’ve met countless families over the years. Each and every one of you has personally enriched our lives as photographers, and touched our lives personally.

As Clearwater Beach Photographers, we photograph lots of family portraits. But the extra special moments come at times like when we’ve photographed children seeing the beach for the first time ever. Or getting to share in large family reunions. We’ve had the privilege and honor to create enduring portraits; which sadly in some cases were to be the last for families who had a terminally ill parent, or grandparent. It’s these touching portrait sessions which are always extra special to us. Those sessions and those families will always hold a special place in our hearts and forever touch our lives.

We’re lucky…. because being Clearwater Beach Photographers has been more rewarding than we could have ever imagined. We’ve learned valuable life lessons through all of you. The biggest thing we have had reinforced daily is that the most important thing in life is family. That’s what we do every day. We celebrate family and all the ties that bond us.

We’re looking forward to having the most amazing summer ever in 2016! We can’t wait to see you at the beach next.

Thank you so much for making Clearwater Beach Portraits part of your family.

They just might be the cutest couple ever! … and they’re having a baby! :-) Clearwater Beach Photographers making Maternity Portraits.

We had the pleasure of creating maternity portraits for what just might be the cutest couple on earth recently! Seriously, portrait sessions like this are another example of why we have the best career anyone could ask for. I always say we are not in the photography business, we are in the people business! We’re about making personal connections, we’re about making the process enjoyable from start to finish, and we’re about creating important memories. Which is why we are so blessed, because it seems like over and over, we always get to work with like-minded people, who just might be the coolest people on earth to hang out with and create portraits for. We took so many pictures it was difficult to narrow it down to our twenty favorites to share in this blog post. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did when we created them!


I think we should actually consider this the first family portrait for this family!

I mean yes… The baby isn’t quite here yet,,, but hey why not? After working with this couple, we know Dad is going to make an amazing father! It was quite adorable, because he was like a big kid himself. Always wondering off looking for sea shells in between shots. So very attentive to Mom and her needs. Such an amazing and loving guy! He’s is going to be a credit to Dads everywhere! And what about Mom? Well, she’s one of the sweetest and strongest women we have ever had in front of our Cameras!

It was just pure joy working with these two!

We can’t wait for them to come back in the future when their new addition has arrived to create some incredible family portraits at Clearwater Beach!

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