2016 Summer Update from your Clearwater Beach Photographers


It’s time for an update from your favorite Clearwater Beach Photographers. We’re continuing to have an incredible summer creating family portraits every night at the beach! Last week I photographed a family that we have done portraits for already in the past. Later that evening I was reflecting on how it always seems we get to create beach portraits for the sweetest families around the country. People that I would hang out with any day of the week and be proud to call friends. Then it struck me. We attract the type of people who have the same values as us. Yep, it’s really that simple. People flock to like minded people. We place a huge emphasis on celebrating “family” in our lives. Family is more important than anything to us. In our private lives and professional lives we conduct ourselves always in a fashion in which we would be proud of. Just like the people we create beach portraits for every night.


We love what we do and it shows in our Clearwater Beach Photography. We don’t try to ever follow trends, or try to impress anyone other than our customers.. We just always do our thing and dance to the beat of our own drum. We never make it about us. Our work and our beach portraits are always about you and your family. We’re proud to work for the families we work for. We love being Clearwater Beach Photographers. So thanks for continuing to make sure we stick around to do just that! We adore all of you!

Here is a sampling of just some of what we have been up to lately this summer! We can’t wait to hang out with you and your family at the beach next!

photocrati gallery


Clearwater Beach Photographers that Rock You Like a Hurricane! :-)


We kicked off summer with some serious excitement! Tropical Storm Colin has come and gone… and here we thought it was going to be the big one! nah! Nothing scares your favorite Clearwater Beach Photographers away. The weather is nice so come on down to Clearwater Beach and play. The media likes to exaggerate, while we call an 80% percent chance of rain, just another Tuesday here on Clearwater Beach! Don’t worry in case of bad weather we always have a back up plan for you.

As your official “Rock you like a Hurricane, Clearwater Beach Photographers Task Force” we figured it was our duty to share with you some of our most recent Clearwater Beach Photography, that we have officially launched summer with! We had a blast hanging out with these families! Creating Portraits, Sharing Laughs, and Running from Hurricanes.

So come on down to Clearwater Beach and join us for a Hurricane Party.

(Actually it’s pretty nice out, but shoosh, don’t tell. It’s like we’ll have the beach all to ourselves!)

We’ll see you at the beach soon! Just be sure to keep an eye out for Sharks falling out of the sky and stuff!

photocrati gallery