Indescribable – The Most Amazing Summer for Clearwater Beach Photography Yet!


The end of August is a time for reflection. A time to reflect on all the incredible experiences we had working with families from all over, creating Clearwater Beach Portraits. Summer-time is our busiest season of the year. This summer was no exception. We have had the most amazing summer ever creating Clearwater Beach Family Photography. This year was literally indescribable.

We literally photographed nearly twice as many portrait sessions as the year prior. It seems everyone is coming to Clearwater Beach, and that Clearwater Beach is the place to be. We are so thankful for the many families we worked with this year, that have come back for their second, third, or even fourth beach portraits. So many of you are making this an annual event, and it’s truly heartwarming to get to visit with you year after year.


This summer we made so many new friends. It’s working with all the children that makes our work especially special. We have a heart for families and a heart for children. That true spirit shines in our work and is un-mistakenly genuine. Everything we do is especially focused on the children, even more so for the little ones. Our focus during a portrait session is to keep them engaged, having fun, being silly, and encouraging kids to be kids. We get right down in the sand with them from the start, on their level, showing them that we are just big kids ourselves!

As we move forward into September and then on to the holiday months. We figured it would be a great time to launch a serious of blogs, highlighting so many of our summer Clearwater Beach Photography. So here we go! We hope you enjoy the images here, as much as we did when we were creating them.


September is already about halfway booked up. We still have openings but once we get through the first week typically September starts to fill up for the rest of the month rather quickly. So if you are looking for a portrait session at Clearwater Beach. Give us a call today!

We would encourage anyone considering booking for October, November, and December to call as early as possible. The earlier the better as it gets you more prime choices for availability. We always encourage everyone to book their Clearwater Beach Photography a bit earlier in their stay, as we always make a back up plan for you to account for any unforeseen circumstances like poor weather on the day of your session. We’re always available to please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 727-793-7828. We always pick up the phone unless we are creating portraits in the evenings around sunset time.

We can’t wait to visit with you and your family next at Clearwater Beach! We’ll see you in the coming months!

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