We keep on creating amazing Clearwater Beach Family Portraits for you every single day!

September has been way busier than we ever could have expected. It seems as if there is  no more off-season at Clearwater Beach. That’s for sure. Every year, more and more, it seems Clearwater Beach is the place to be. Year round families from all over are making our beautiful area their vacation destination of choice. We are so grateful to be chosen time and time again to create beautiful Clearwater Beach Family Portraits. We ended up booking twenty six Clearwater Beach portrait sessions for the month of September. Twenty six! This September almost feels like an extension of the busiest Summer months! We still have room on our October calendar, as we are booking out new families for the holiday season right now. So we can’t wait to talk to you next! We’ll see you at the beach in October! 🙂

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It was the second time around and more magical than the first :)


The families we create portraits for have confidence in us and our work. That’s why so many of you bless us with the opportunity to be your Clearwater Beach Photographers year after year. It’s always an extra special day at Clearwater Beach when we get to visit with familiar faces.

clearwater-beach-photographer-september-16We build confidence and earn trust with our customers from the very first point of contact. First impressions are everything. Clearwater Beach Portraits is a family business built upon the principle of being faithful to those we serve. Serving our customers faithfully includes things like being prompt in our communication. We always pick up the phone unless we are creating portraits. Being faithful to those we create Clearwater Beach Photography for also includes things like…. always doing what we say we are going to do, setting expectations realistically and honestly, and going above and beyond in every way we serve with the idea in that we always try to deliver more than was ever asked of us.

It’s not hard to run a business the right way, it’s not hard to do the things you say you are going to do, and it’s not hard to be faithful to your customers. At least we think so…


Our values shine through in everything we do, which is why we are blessed to create amazing Clearwater Beach Photography every day for families just like you. It’s not just our work, it’s how we go about creating the work for you. It’s how we conduct ourselves not just as photographers but as people.

Thank you for continuing to make Clearwater Beach Portraits shine!

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We got to mix it up with something different – Senior Portraits!


Every once in a while we get the call….. Though we don’t really actively market or promote ourselves for it. We love getting requests for High School Senior Portrait Photography. It’s something bit different, allows us to switch gears for a day, and we still get to create awesome Clearwater Beach Photography. So how could we ever say no? This young lady came from out of state, wanting something different than everyone else back home. She loves the beach and wanted her love of the beach life to be reflected in her photography.

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