Summer Time is almost here!

Summer-time is right around the corner! We are super excited to have the most awesome summer ever. It’s our favorite time of year. If this is your first time visiting our website, we welcome you. We love what we do and it shows, you’ll notice this as you browse through our website here at Clearwater Beach Portraits. We’re the only photographers that show over 7000 pictures which truthfully represent our work making amazing Clearwater Beach Photography. We show alot of images, because it demonstrates consistency of style. 90% of everyone we create Family Beach Portraits for is on vacation from out of town. So we like to put you at ease in knowing that  your getting the best for your Clearwater Beach Family Photography.

Of course it’s not just our pictures that shine bright. You’ll find that our customer service is second to none. We always pick up the phone unless we are behind the camera creating portraits. If you leave us a message through this website, we typically call you within minutes… Test us :)… We’re responsive to all of our customers who we consider friends and our big extended family. We go the extra mile. In our pictures you’ll never see any random people in the background. That’s because we remove them. Although Clearwater Beach is a busy place, we make it look like you had the beach to yourself. So you’re never gong to see that random guy in a speedo hanging out in your family portraits. We’re experts at removing the people you don’t want in your life. 🙂


We’re fun to be around. We have a love for children and that’s what makes our work so enjoyable. Yeah, we know parents are hard to raise. Sometimes we even have to put the grown ups in time out. It’s the kids the make our work so fun. We’re kinda big kids ourselves. We’ll have them yelling shark at the beach in no time. Setting up candid scenes we’re their racing down the shore and plowing each other over. Listen kids! Mom and Dad probably dressed you all up and told you not to get dirty. Go play and have fun, if you get a little bit dirty we’ll Photoshop that spot out! 🙂 We never expect kids to sit in one spot the entire portrait session. That’s why we always keep them on the move and bounce back and forth between traditional looking family portraits, and scenic journalistic shots. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, we have this down to a science! Though 

We’re excited for the best summer ever in 2017! We can’t wait to see you at the beach soon. Call us at 727-793-7828 so we can discuss and plan your family portrait today. It’s gonna be great!