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We photograph a lot of family portraits. When I say a lot, I mean over 200 family portraits a year. We’re not joking when we say we are the busiest photographers on the beach. We’ve earned a stellar reputation for excellence over the years and we believe that having a high emphasis on work ethic and being consistent is the key to success in anything one does.

What many people don’t know is that we also photograph many weddings each and every year. It’s not what the main part of our branding is geared towards, but we actually started out as a wedding photographers. Every year, we say we are going to do less weddings, but like this year for instance we still ended up booking something like forty three weddings. LOL. Why? Because we really love photographing weddings. It makes for a nice deviation from shooting beach portraits, even though we live for family beach portraits, sometimes it is fun to do something different too. It also helps us stay fresh and creative too.

The other thing that a lot of our core customers don’t know and a thing that other photographer peers in the local industry like to jeer us a bit about, is that we try extremely hard to keep fantastic wedding photography affordable to everyone. We’re often told we should charge more and that wedding photography is supposed to be expensive. We have this weird hang up in life. Making the most amount of money possible is not our driving factor in life. We learned this a long time ago. We are probably the least materialistic people you may ever meet. But what is funny is that the flip side of all this, due to our mentality, is that we have never been without work and have always made a comfortable living and have never been left wanting for anything. I think that if more photographers focused on their love of the work and stopped worrying about trying to extract as much money as possible out of people with high prices they would be far more successful.

We enjoy weddings so much because we enjoy connecting and building relationships with our clients. We often end up photographing family portraits for them in the future and have formed some long term friendships with many of our wedding clients. We’ve photographed so many weddings for couples in our community that even something simple like going to the grocery store, we typically always run into someone we worked for. That’s what we love about weddings.

Our wedding photography is not just affordable. But I would go out on a limb, while trying to avoid sounding arrogant, and say that I think our wedding photography is also some of the best around. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the art of creating romantic wedding portraiture. We also work really hard the day of the wedding to capture those candid and photojournalistic moments. Our work is on par with what other photographers charge thousands for. That is something we take great pleasure with. We’ve worked tirelessly for years and paid our dues, to get to a point where we can say that about ourselves. We really believe that amazing wedding photography should be affordable and accessible to everyone and anyone. Regardless of their budget. Especially in this economy. No one should have to settle.

At Clearwater Beach Portraits, we believe that everyone deserves great photography of a very high-caliber. That is why we offer Affordable Wedding Photography.

Here are some images from this past weekends wedding for your enjoyment.


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