Another example of the amount of effort we put into making your Clearwater Beach Photography picture perfect.

Here is another before and after. From another busy Saturday. We’ve blogged beforeĀ about what goes into your images – Click here to take a look at that article too. šŸ™‚

We just believe in creating awesome work and that the things other photographers either don’t do or charge extra for should just be part of the process. We believe in putting 110% into everything we do. That effort doesn’t end just at the end of the session. When we sit down to work on your images at the computer. We go the extra mile. We want to give you quality, artistic work you will absolutely adore.

So here is a summary to give you and idea of just what goes into our work. Before we said it was really easy. Well, it is… If you know what you are doing. It takes a bit of time and effort but we think the results are worth it. On top of the rocks between the kids you see a guy fishing. Then there is some photographer dude shooting an engagement session in the background.Ā  Notice their clients seem to be standing around like they are waiting on a bus while the photographer is staring at the back of her camera. Interesting. LOL. Then we got a lady with a cooler or something, she’s had a long week on the jobĀ and just wants to relax at the beach. We wouldn’t dream of asking her to move, it’s her beach too. So yep, we will just photoshop her out. Not problem.



Regardless of background clutter what is really important is that we have a great base image to work with. We have happy smiling kids who are having a blast. We have some powerful content here. Movement, positive interaction, enthusiasm. There is so much really great stuff going on in this image that it pleases the viewers eye. The viewers eye starts with the girl in the lead, who is in the midst of a glance back at her brothers. This leads your eye from front to back. Look at the lines, you could draw a leading line from the top of the girls head to the last boys head, which ultimately leads you to the parents watching the kids with big smiles on their faces. It is a pleasing image which engages the viewer. Believe it or not, it is set up that way. It’s intentional. As much as this images is fun, candid, natural, and photojournalistic, it actually has very strong elements of classical portraiture involved in it. These rules were created hundreds of years ago. See, no one is reinventing the wheel, The same principles of strong portraiture exist today just as they did yesterday. One can’t ignore these principles if they also want to create strong portraiture that actually engages people and provokes the imagination. That is why at Clearwater Beach Portraits our slogan is Fun, Modern, and Affordable Family Portraits. Because well… It just is…



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