Tips for Planning your Clearwater Beach Photography Session

  • Pick colors that work with the beach: white, khaki, blues, tans. Colors like these will work best with your surroundings, additionally your faces will be the focus of the viewer when they look at the portrait. This is a guideline more than a rule, the most important thing is be yourselves, pick the best outfits which represent your personality as a family.

  • Consider staying away from complex patterns; they sometimes distract the eye of the viewer from focusing on the faces. You don’t necessarily have to do the traditional khaki and white shirts, feel free to mix it up and show your personalities, but just remember that keeping it simple is best. We want you to be you and have fun.

  • Ladies, remember to do your nails, hands and feet will show. Natural soft colors are recommended. Guys, we know you are on vacation, but do shave if necessary before the session. But, if the mountain man look is your look, have at it!

  • Try not to get a sunburn before the session if possible. We know you want to cherish the memories, but a bright, burning red face might not be what you had in mind.

  • Going Barefoot is great! Try to leave the tennis shoes back at the condo. Sandals work too. We don’t want the portrait to be focused on them, we know dad may love his old school pump up air Jordans, but this is the beach! Chances are you will end up getting your feet wet, so keep that in mind too.

  • It’s usually windy at the beach. Loose, long hair will fly. Clips, ponytails, hats… can all be helpful on a windy day.

  • Our ultimate goal is to make a collection of artistic portraits that let your personalities shine through. Every session we photograph is unique. We take pride in our work and want you to have a collection of images you are proud of too.

  • Basically, keep it simple, and have fun. See you at the beach!

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