Beach Photography

Beaches are an amazing setting and provide the perfect opportunity for Family Beach Photography. Whether you just love the tranquil haven of serenity the beach has to offer or are a hard core sun worshipper, beautiful Clearwater Beach has something to offer everyone, and is one of the most brilliant locations available in the world for the perfect portrait.

What better place is there to have your children photographed at play in the throws of freedom. Clearwater Beach is stunning for children’s photography. Even if that curious little tot refuses to sit still, it is easy to get their attention for stunning portrait, sometimes all it takes is encouraging them to build a sand castle, exploring sea shells, or playing with their toes in the sand.

At Clearwater Beach Portraits, we are masters in Family Style Beach Photography that is modern, casual, and fun. We frame and focus your family, but yet zoom out enough to show that beautiful background of scenic Clearwater Beach.

We are Craftsmen, creating beautifully lit portraiture that is diffuses the harsh sunlight on a subjects face. We are masters of high quality portraits. Creators of Family Heirlooms.

Imagine your family at play, walking along the shore of a perfectly framed seascape. Imagine just for the moment the powerful imagery of the enchanting motion of the water in the background, with your family in the fore front as the main star. We are experts at creating the most dramatic Beach Photography you have ever seen.

If you want the perfect beach photography session, remember that the best time is at Sunset, we start our sessions at about just one hour before. To add to your portraiture we incorporate things of interest like beautiful sawgrass, rocks, or piers. Seaside shots offer so much variety, in Florida, and especially in Clearwater, photography studios are not required, we have the best natural studio any photographer could ever ask for right in our very backyard.

Welcome to Clearwater Beach Portraits.

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