Family Portraits on the Beach in Clearwater

Clearwater Beach Family Portraits 1

The best thing about being a family portrait photographer on the beach in Clearwater is the people that you get to meet every day. We see it all, from small families to giant groups, across multiple generations… and we get to share a few moments with each one. 

Clearwater Beach Family Portraits 4

One of the best ideas you will ever have is to get a multi-generational portrait shot on the beach in Clearwater. Trust me on this one, I just recently had my own family portrait done with my parents, their kids, their grandkids and the great=great-grandkids. It’s hanging in a place of prominince in my home as well as the homes of every person in the photograph. Family portraits bring you joy every day!

We’ve had such a wonderful time in July!

We’ve had such a wonderful time with everyone in July creating awesome Clearwater Beach Photography. It seems like this years summer has seen a bit more rain than usual. But we managed to work it all out and had the opportunity to create beautiful family portraits for so many this summer.

This summer marks my 15th official year as a full time photographer. I turn 36 this year, and since I was 21 I became a full time photographer. I started out photographing many weddings about forty to sixty a year. All the while I created beach portraits for families. I always enjoyed making family portraits at the beach more than anything else I did. I grew up on the beach here in Florida. It’s so exciting to share my love our Florida Beaches with so many. I especially love working with the children. It’s kind of through them, creating portraits, I get to re-live the fun and excitement of summers on the beach as a kid. Summer vacation at the beach is such a joyful time. Full of life-long memories and bonds you are creating with your family. I constantly feel especially blessed to be part of that.

I look forward to sharing more with all of you from this past summer on Clearwater Beach. But we still have lots of sessions scheduled for the remainder of July and the first couple weeks of August are jammed packed too. So I’d better get back to work!

Thanks so much for allowing me to join in on the fun with your family these past 15 years! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else other than creating family portraits at Clearwater Beach!

I’ll see you at the beach soon! 🙂

– John Paul