Beach Photographer Clearwater

The Life of a Beach Photographer in Clearwater is Pretty Great

Being a beach photographer in Clearwater is a great job. Last week I had the great privilege to photograph a family on the beach who happened to have the most adorable 2-year-old on the planet.

One of the reasons that we block out an hour for beach portrait sessions is because with kids, you never know what you’re going to get. If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that patience is best. I’m always telling parents, “No worries… let’s just wait a bit and see what happens.” Blocking out an hour for the session means that if a little one gets cranky, we can let them play a bit… they usually come back around to smiles before you know it.

But sometimes you get a child like Hazel.

Hazel was a delight. She was having a blast the whole time and yet still managed to pay attention to me when I asked her to move a little or turn. Directions can be hard enough with adults but kids? Forget it. Not Hazel, she did whatever I told her to do, smiling all the way.

Mom is expecting another baby so they changed Hazel into a Big Sister shirt for a few baby announcement photo’s as well. We also did a few with just Mom and Dad and this was when my favorite thing happened. Trying to photograph parents without the kids can sometimes not work. The kids just don’t want to step out of the picture and who can blame them. But Hazel not only stepped out, she came over to me, stood behind me and said, “Smile!” to her parents while I photographed them. It was the highlight of my week to be sure.

After i was done I showed Hazel some pictures on my camera and she was so cute I actually handed Dad my phone and asked him to take a picture for me. “I want it for my blog,” I said, “because I am definitely writing about Hazel!.”

Beach Photographer Clearwater

We delivered 57 images to Hazel and family but these are a few of my favorites. When you get your images, they won’t have our name on them. We only do that for the website.

Beach Photographer Clearwater

Beach Portraits at Thanksgiving

One of the things that’s different about being a Clearwater Beach Photographer is that you typically are the busiest when everyone else is on vacation. Thanksgiving is no exception. The week of Thanksgiving we are working every day photographing families who have come to Clearwater, Indian Rocks Beach, Treasure Island and the other small beach towns to spend time with family. We met some great families this week and took a lot of portraits on the beach!

Indian Rocks Beach Photographer

Surprise Engagement on Clearwater Beach

One of the more interesting things that we get asked to do here at Clearwater Beach Portraits is to photograph an actual marriage proposal. The groom will call and tell us where he plans to propose and we go out and photograph it, while pretending that we are not photographing it.

Last week we were waiting on the beach for the couple to arrive when it started to rain. Not a big rain, light at first. We stuck it out and shortly the couple arrived for their stroll on the beach before dinner at the Sand Pearl Resort. She must have been wondering why he insisted they go for a walk in the rain!

We shot so many images, despite the rain! Here are just a few of our favorites!

All the couples friends were hiding out at the beach bar behind the resort and came running out to congratulate..

At this point, the rain was really starting to come down so we headed for cover and had a few drinks while we waited for the squall to pass…

The great thing about summer storms in Florida is that they don’t last for long! A short while later we were back on the beach for group shots..

… and then some time alone with the couple!