Surprise Engagement on Clearwater Beach

One of the more interesting things that we get asked to do here at Clearwater Beach Portraits is to photograph an actual marriage proposal. The groom will call and tell us where he plans to propose and we go out and photograph it, while pretending that we are not photographing it.

Last week we were waiting on the beach for the couple to arrive when it started to rain. Not a big rain, light at first. We stuck it out and shortly the couple arrived for their stroll on the beach before dinner at the Sand Pearl Resort. She must have been wondering why he insisted they go for a walk in the rain!

We shot so many images, despite the rain! Here are just a few of our favorites!

All the couples friends were hiding out at the beach bar behind the resort and came running out to congratulate..

At this point, the rain was really starting to come down so we headed for cover and had a few drinks while we waited for the squall to pass…

The great thing about summer storms in Florida is that they don’t last for long! A short while later we were back on the beach for group shots..

… and then some time alone with the couple!

Family Portraits on the Beach in Clearwater

Clearwater Beach Family Portraits 1

The best thing about being a family portrait photographer on the beach in Clearwater is the people that you get to meet every day. We see it all, from small families to giant groups, across multiple generations… and we get to share a few moments with each one. 

Clearwater Beach Family Portraits 4

One of the best ideas you will ever have is to get a multi-generational portrait shot on the beach in Clearwater. Trust me on this one, I just recently had my own family portrait done with my parents, their kids, their grandkids and the great=great-grandkids. It’s hanging in a place of prominince in my home as well as the homes of every person in the photograph. Family portraits bring you joy every day!

We’ve had such a wonderful time in July!

We’ve had such a wonderful time with everyone in July creating awesome Clearwater Beach Photography. It seems like this years summer has seen a bit more rain than usual. But we managed to work it all out and had the opportunity to create beautiful family portraits for so many this summer.

This summer marks my 15th official year as a full time photographer. I turn 36 this year, and since I was 21 I became a full time photographer. I started out photographing many weddings about forty to sixty a year. All the while I created beach portraits for families. I always enjoyed making family portraits at the beach more than anything else I did. I grew up on the beach here in Florida. It’s so exciting to share my love our Florida Beaches with so many. I especially love working with the children. It’s kind of through them, creating portraits, I get to re-live the fun and excitement of summers on the beach as a kid. Summer vacation at the beach is such a joyful time. Full of life-long memories and bonds you are creating with your family. I constantly feel especially blessed to be part of that.

I look forward to sharing more with all of you from this past summer on Clearwater Beach. But we still have lots of sessions scheduled for the remainder of July and the first couple weeks of August are jammed packed too. So I’d better get back to work!

Thanks so much for allowing me to join in on the fun with your family these past 15 years! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else other than creating family portraits at Clearwater Beach!

I’ll see you at the beach soon! 🙂

– John Paul

Summer Time is almost here!

Summer-time is right around the corner! We are super excited to have the most awesome summer ever. It’s our favorite time of year. If this is your first time visiting our website, we welcome you. We love what we do and it shows, you’ll notice this as you browse through our website here at Clearwater Beach Portraits. We’re the only photographers that show over 7000 pictures which truthfully represent our work making amazing Clearwater Beach Photography. We show alot of images, because it demonstrates consistency of style. 90% of everyone we create Family Beach Portraits for is on vacation from out of town. So we like to put you at ease in knowing that  your getting the best for your Clearwater Beach Family Photography.

Of course it’s not just our pictures that shine bright. You’ll find that our customer service is second to none. We always pick up the phone unless we are behind the camera creating portraits. If you leave us a message through this website, we typically call you within minutes… Test us :)… We’re responsive to all of our customers who we consider friends and our big extended family. We go the extra mile. In our pictures you’ll never see any random people in the background. That’s because we remove them. Although Clearwater Beach is a busy place, we make it look like you had the beach to yourself. So you’re never gong to see that random guy in a speedo hanging out in your family portraits. We’re experts at removing the people you don’t want in your life. 🙂


We’re fun to be around. We have a love for children and that’s what makes our work so enjoyable. Yeah, we know parents are hard to raise. Sometimes we even have to put the grown ups in time out. It’s the kids the make our work so fun. We’re kinda big kids ourselves. We’ll have them yelling shark at the beach in no time. Setting up candid scenes we’re their racing down the shore and plowing each other over. Listen kids! Mom and Dad probably dressed you all up and told you not to get dirty. Go play and have fun, if you get a little bit dirty we’ll Photoshop that spot out! 🙂 We never expect kids to sit in one spot the entire portrait session. That’s why we always keep them on the move and bounce back and forth between traditional looking family portraits, and scenic journalistic shots. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, we have this down to a science! Though 

We’re excited for the best summer ever in 2017! We can’t wait to see you at the beach soon. Call us at 727-793-7828 so we can discuss and plan your family portrait today. It’s gonna be great!


Spring Break 2017 and Easter Weekend! So much going on at Clearwater Beach.

We’ve been creating amazing new family portraits at Clearwater Beach each and every day and wanted to take a moment to say hello! 2017 has been an incredible year so far! We’ve just wrapped up an amazing Easter Weekend at Clearwater Beach.

There’s so much going on. If you’re in town right now be sure to check out the Sugar Sand Festivities that are still going on through the 23rd!

We’re also preparing for the best summer ever and looking forward to re-visiting with old friends and making new friends all while creating beautiful Clearwater Beach Photography.

If you are here for the first time, we want to thank you for stopping by. We love what we do and it shows in every single family portrait session we create pictures for. We’ve been at this quite a long time now and we still love every minute. We’re a bit biased, but at Clearwater Beach Portraits, we get to create family beach portraits for the coolest people from all over. All while raising a ruckus on the beach, teaching your children how to properly yell shark! 🙂

At Clearwater Beach Portraits, you’ll notice the difference from the first moment of contact, in how much we appreciate each and every one of you, our love for working with children, and how excited we get about creating amazing Clearwater Beach Portraits.

We can’t wait to see you and your family at the beach next!