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Spring Break 2017 and Easter Weekend! So much going on at Clearwater Beach.

We’ve been creating amazing new family portraits at Clearwater Beach each and every day and wanted to take a moment to say hello! 2017 has been an incredible year so far! We’ve just wrapped up an amazing Easter Weekend at Clearwater Beach.

There’s so much going on. If you’re in town right now be sure to check out the Sugar Sand Festivities that are still going on through the 23rd!

We’re also preparing for the best summer ever and looking forward to re-visiting with old friends and making new friends all while creating beautiful Clearwater Beach Photography.

If you are here for the first time, we want to thank you for stopping by. We love what we do and it shows in every single family portrait session we create pictures for. We’ve been at this quite a long time now and we still love every minute. We’re a bit biased, but at Clearwater Beach Portraits, we get to create family beach portraits for the coolest people from all over. All while raising a ruckus on the beach, teaching your children how to properly yell shark! 🙂

At Clearwater Beach Portraits, you’ll notice the difference from the first moment of contact, in how much we appreciate each and every one of you, our love for working with children, and how excited we get about creating amazing Clearwater Beach Portraits.

We can’t wait to see you and your family at the beach next!

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Spring Break 2017 – Great times at the beach creating portraits!

Spring break 2017 is in full swing! First up is this super cute couple which we had the pleasure of creating awesome Clearwater Beach Photography for! Ashlee and Chris are newlyweds, which deserves a big shout out of congratulations! They had decided to celebrate their marriage with some beautiful portraits at Clearwater Beach. We were eager to serve! We got so many fantastic images, here is a sampling of a few of our favorites! We wish them a lifetime of happiness and hope to see them again in the future. Spring break 2017 continues on! We hope to  see you at the beach next!!! 

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Spring Break 2017 is upon us!

Clearwater Beach has come alive with spring break 2017! This weekend kicks off some exciting times at the beach. We’re busy every single day this time of year creating amazing Clearwater Beach Photography from all over. We have lots of Clearwater Beach Portraits Scheduled already for the remainder of March and April. We’re creating portraits for everything from Family Portraits, Couples, Senior Portraits and more! 

If you’re new to Clearwater Beach Portraits and just visiting us for the first time, then we want to thank you for checking us out! We’re really glad you’re here. We love what we do and it shows in every Clearwater Beach Photography session we do. We’re always here for you night or day to schedule your portrait session. We pride ourselves on world class customer service in which we treat everyone like family. We literally always pick up up the phone unless we are out creating awesome Clearwater Beach Photography!

We’re having a great year so far on the beach and we’re looking forward to hanging out with more and more families on the beach as the year progresses! We are so thankful to all of the families we work for. You made our dreams of being the busiest photographers on Clearwater Beach come true. It’s all of you that make creating family portraits at Clearwater Beach so fun over the years! We’re looking forward to making new friends this year and revisiting with many old friends!

We can’t wait to see you at the Clearwater Beach next and make some awesome memories with you!

Thanks so much for being part of our family and letting us be part of yours!

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We’re ready for 2017! Can’t wait to see your family at Clearwater Beach and create awesome family portraits!

We’re ready for a great year in 2017 and looking forward to meeting you and your family at Clearwater Beach. We typically wind down after the Holidays for January and February. Taking some time to reflect on the previous year and prepare for the next busy season! We’re excited. We know 2017 is going to be the best year ever. Already so many families from years past have reserved their Clearwater Beach Photography for later this year. We are so thrilled that we get the chance to revisit with old friends each year. It’s especially fun watching the kids grow up that we’ve photographed over the years. 


If you’re new here and just checking out Clearwater Beach Portraits for the first time, thanks for taking the time to check us out. We’re thrilled you stopped by. We’ve been creating beautiful Clearwater Beach Photography for a long time now. This website has over 6000 images to view when you explore all the various pages and our blog. That’s alot! We like to show that we are consistently creative in everything we do.  We love being your Clearwater Beach Photographers and it shows in all the work we do. It shows in the enthusiasm we have for our work from the very first conversation you have with us on the phone, and throughout the session and the entire process.


We’re so grateful to all of the families we create Clearwater Beach Photography for. It’s all of you that have helped us grow as photographers, people, and a business over the years. We are so blessed to work with so many amazing families each year. So many families have touched our lives personally in ways we never could have imaged when we set out on this journey years ago. We’ve built so many lasting friendships along the way too. Creating Clearwater Beach Family Photography each and every day is such a joy. 

We know you’re excited about your family vacation to Clearwater Beach. That’s especially true if you’re visiting from one of those colder states. Burrr! Don’t worry! You’re Clearwater Beach Vacation will be here before you know it! Soon you’ll find yourself in the Florida sunshine, making memories with your family, and celebrating that family time with some amazing Clearwater Beach Photography!

We’ll see you at Clearwater Beach soon!


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Thanksgiving Week and Family Portraits at the Beach – A yearly tradition :)

Thanksgiving week is coming up quickly. It’s one of our most favorite times of a year because we get to reflect on how thankful we are for all of you! We love creating Clearwater Beach Photography, and especially love this time of year. November and Thanksgiving week at Clearwater Beach is the time of year when the whole family gets together. Creating multi-generational family portraits at the beach with large groups is more common during Thanksgiving, and we have a blast working to make you’re Clearwater Beach Photography experience amazing!


Thanksgiving time also marks the winding down of the year. It gives us time to think back over the year. It’s always fun to go through pictures we took over the last many months and remember the good times, the laughs we shared with so many, and those especially silly times with all the kids. We love what we do, we think it shows in all of our Clearwater Beach Photography. Working with all the children makes our job especially special. They are truly the stars of our beach portraits. We have a huge heart for family and family portraits at Clearwater Beach. It’s all of you that have made our dreams come true, allowing us to create awesome Clearwater Beach Family Portraits everyday. So we’re thankful to be allowed to create beach portraits for you again this year! We’ll see you at Clearwater Beach!


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