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The other day I was driving home from another amazing family portrait at Clearwater Beach with a big smile on my face. I had just finished photographing a mother and her three children at the beach. These kids were fantastic. You could tell they genuinely got along so well, all of the time, and there was such a deep bond.

Reflecting on this session during my drive home my thoughts evolved into how lucky I really was to be able to get to do what we do everyday. Full time. I always tell my friends and family that I don’t consider our business a typical photography business at all. Instead, I believe we are in the business of providing experiences and memories for families. For me, our family portraits at Clearwater Beach is more of an art form. A performing art form. We are all about the experience, keeping the energy up during the creation of our photography, eliciting positive emotions and expressions. We focus a lot on keeping things moving, keeping our sessions high energy, silly, and exciting for everyone involved.

My wife and I live our personal lives around this philosophy that experiences matter more than stuff every day. That’s exactly what we provide to hundreds of families every year.

Your new shoes will eventually be worn out and old. That new smartphone will eventually be yesterdays latest gadget, replaced by something within a year. A new car will quickly depreciate, loosing its value the moment you drive it off the lot. Those new toys for the kids will very quickly be really boring, and they will want more and more “Stuff”. Just the experience of our Clearwater Beach Photography Sessions, leave long lasting impressions and memories. The images we create during a family portrait session, will last forever. We create portraits that will never go out of fashion, be replaceable, or depreciate in value. Plus our sessions cost less than just about most of the stuff people buy every year, even a phone these days.

Every material thing that is acquired will eventually be old… But experiences and positive memories as a family never grow old.

The vacations to beach that you take as a family will trump any material object you could ever buy for yourself or your children. Travelling and experiencing different cultures, meeting interesting people, will be recalled and talked about when the kids are old. Years later.

The sunsets you experience can always be brought back through the power of your imagination… Or through the power of the Clearwater Beach Photography we create for you….. and… that is something that will never get old.


Here’s an image that we took the other day. Of three children playing together at the beach. We think this image has more value than most of the things we waste our money on every single day. You’re obviously here reading this, because you value the same things that we do. We look forward to making memories with you, for you.

We’ll see you at the beach….

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