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Sometimes you just know a portrait session is going to be amazing from the first moment you meet the kids! This was the case when we met this lovely family of five at Clearwater Beach. The moment we introduced ourselves, we knew these kids we’re going to be high-energy and super silly. Just the way we like it! Next up, is a picture from a portrait session which was created a little over a week ago. Much of our Clearwater Beach Photography revolves around setting up a scene. Rather than traditional posing, we instead act like crazy directors on set. That’s how we approach our Beach Portraits and get such natural smiles along with capturing the such special moments every evening. We set up a scene and see what the kids do. Like this funny moment.

We started by setting the scene for Mom and Dad to be in the background of the image, slightly off focus. Then lined the kids up, and told them on the count of 3… 2… 1.. run right into the camera. Setting up a scene like this, always guarantees a great moment is about to be captured. It just works, because children can’t be expected to sit still and be told “smile for the camera”, that is cheesy and unrealistic. We love motion and action in our images. The more going on in the picture the better.

What we weren’t expecting was after we let the kids race. The little guy in this image wanted to keep on running…. and running… pretty much all the way down the beach. Well, leave it up to big brother to take matters into his own hands. What happened next was what we captured in the image above. Big brother dragging little brother back to Mom and Dad. Mom might have been worried that someone was getting his clothes messed up! But we knew in that moment we had an amazing image. The scene was set up perfectly for us to capture it, ensuring all the elements for a perfect image was in place.

Here is the other image of the race which we started with. 🙂



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