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The other night I had a surreal dream. I was walking along the beach and stumbled across a guy photographing a family portrait on the beach. The photographer had so much equipment he looked as if he was going on a three month photo safari in the Sahara. It was a bit of a windy day and he was trying to use off-camera lights, just like he saw on all the you tube videos selling “the secret to great photography”. Of course the wind was blowing over his lights and the whole assembly basically became a small missile ready to crash on him or the family he was photographing. The kids in the group were all restless, fidgety, and bored. The toddler in this family of five was screaming his head off as the photographer told them to “sit and say cheese”. This dream I was having was turning more into a nightmare by the second rather than a dream. In my dream I approached the photographer to help. But no one heard my screams. I was trying to tell him to stop worrying about his gear and stop fidgeting with his equipment and actually communicate with the family in front of him. But, he couldn’t see me. I was like an invisible ghost. The session continued with the photographer paying more attention to the back of his camera while missing shots while at the same time continuing to fidget with his lights and other gear. This dream was progressively going from bad to worse. Then he moved on to a walking shot of the family along the beach after giving up on the previous portrait. He simply had them stand there, not holding hands and told them simply to walk. Again no communication, no direction. No fun and silly engagement with the children to put them at ease. The family began to walk. They looked robotic. They looked bored. Finally in my dream a giant shark leaped out of the water and swallowed the photographer whole. He disappeared and I woke up in a cold sweat…. I rose out of my bed, happy and relieved it was a dream. Not because the guy got ate by a shark, but relieved that the family never had to see those awful pictures. I just hoped they could still get a refund.



The sad part is, we see this every day. We are out on the beach practically every evening and see this exact same scenario taking place. It drives us crazy. We don’t really care about uncle harry the photog. Nah… But who we do feel bad for is the families. The families who are getting bamboozled so often because they are out of town and picked a photographer with a portfolio that had twenty of thirty good image on his website. Basically he put up his best lucky shots out of thousands. That is why throughout this website there is over five hundred images scattered around for people to view. We want to show that we take this seriously. We are committed and we care about you. We feel it affects us all as a community every time some family on vacation visits here, and hires a photographer who essentially bamboozles them with work not representative of what they really are capable of consistently producing. It’s a scary thought to me, because it could happen just as easily to my family if I were on vacation.

We know you have many choices when searching for a photographer on Clearwater Beach for your family vacation portraits. That is why we are so thankful to all of the families that choose to work with us. It’s a blessing and we like to return that blessing by always trying to go the extra mile and make sure we always live by the philosophy of trying to always give back more than we received.

We value you and your family so much we even have strange dreams about sharks eating photographers. Nothing says we care like JAWS.

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