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Here’s family portrait update from the sneak peak from a session just a week ago. We’ve been super busy in October. Much more so than our projections based on the previous year. In the coming week we are going to be hitting the blog with a TON of new work. We always try to update the blogs daily. But getting work out to customers and answering the phone is always our first priority. We are religious about always trying our very best to provide the best customer service of any photography company in the area. We always answer the phone, unless we are behind the camera. Morning, Noon, and Night, we always pick up. We know the number one complaint from prospective customers is that so many photographers just don’t answer the phone or return phone calls promptly. We’ve won over so many clients based on the first impression, that we simply… Pick up the phone. Then so many photographers take Monday off. What? Why? Yeah… We never understood that either. Mondays are our busiest business days. We set-up new booking reservations on Mondays than any other day of the work. Actually we never take a day off. 365 days a year we answer the phone. Simple as that.

We treat Clearwater Beach Portraits as a company we value and are really proud of. We kind of imagine it as the fortune 500 company of the Clearwater Beach Photography market. While that may be a bit of a delusion of grandeur. 😉 We are just really proud of the work we do. We are really so happy we get to work with all the amazing families that bless us our business. Clearwater Beach Portraits was built by our customers, not us. It’s you that has propelled us to the top, allowing us to photograph over two hundred families a year at Clearwater Beach. This business was built based on trust, good old fashioned hard work, and the fact that so many of our customers recognize our work ethic. We simply have so much love for all of you! Words can not express how blessed we feel every day.

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