Family Reunion Photographer – Clearwater Beach

There’s no better place for your family reunion than Clearwater Beach. Don’t let this historic event go by without fantastic pictures of everyone! Clearwater Beach Portraits is the best family reunion photographer on the beach because of our ability to work anywhere during anytime of day and still produce remarkable images for your family to treasure for generations to come!

Photography on the beach is one of the hardest types of photography you can do. It’s not always possible for a family reunion to schedule their pictures for the best time of day. We specialize in being able to work with you to get the best shots. Lighting, location, posing… we are experts.

family reunion photographer clearwater beach


Tips for Great Family Reunion Photography

1. Matching Shirts

There are two ways you can go with this: Have each family match the color of there regular clothes or purchase custom t-shirts for everyone. Either way, it really helps to clarify everything in the big group picture and is a great way to show the family tree.

2. Timing

If you have small children, this is key. Try to schedule your session for a time when the kids are awake and happy. Sure, maybe it means you don’t get “sunset” pictures but the more important thing is to get good pictures of a big happy family.

3. Organization

Put someone in charge of the whole thing. They communicate with us, they set the time, they make sure everyone is there, etc. You want one chief running the show. Make a list of what family groups you want done and any special images (all the cousins, etc) or groupings. If you have any un-married couples there, get images with and without the significant other and even with and without spouses (there’s nothing wrong with getting a picture of Mom, Dad and their adult children without spouses. You were a family for a long time before the kids were grown and it’s nice to have a picture of just that unit.)

Click the video below to see how this session was done!