Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get all the images?

A typical session will produce 30-80 high-quality images which you will receive by digital download in hi-resolution and full-size. We give you exactly what we keep for ourselves. Any time we take a picture, we take it several times. Then, we cull them down to the best ones, correct them for color, exposure and cropping and deliver them to you.

What if it rains?

You would be surprised at how seldom we have to cancel because of rain. Even during the rainy season, it will usually only rain for about 20 minutes and then pass over. In the event that you want to cancel your session for any reason, we will refund all but $95 of your session fee if you cancel before noon on the day of the session. We’ll be happy to apply that $95 toward another session that week if possible.

How long until I get my pictures?

10 business days is the most you will wait.

Can I print them anywhere?

Yes, you can but we recommend you print with us. You’ll get a higher quality print because we use a pro lab and best of all is you’ll get extra hand-retouching. Yes, we make you look younger. 🙂

Will your logo be on the pictures?

No. We only do that on pictures we post on the website. It’s the only way to keep other photographers from stealing the images and claiming them as their own. Yes, this has happened to us several times.

Can you come to our hotel?

Yes, we can but we really prefer to shoot at a few select spots that have proven to be the best for family beach portraits. The beach behind your hotel will likely be more shallow than the locations we use and full of tourists and umbrellas, etc.,. However, there are always exceptions so just ask!

Can you take a picture like…?

Probably! It’s perfectly okay to make suggestions for the types of images and poses you want. We’ll do our best to get what you want.

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