Funny Family Portrait at Clearwater Beach – Surfs Up Dude!!!


Believe it or not, we actually have surfers on this coast. Every once in a while, usually before or after a cold front comes in or a storm, the waves can get pretty decent. We have many locals who live here, who surf on the other East Coast, but get some decent practice here at home.

So we were just starting this family portrait session on this particular day and one of the surfers I run into all the time came walking by on the boardwalk path which leads from the parking lot to the beach. He’s a cool guy, super friendly, and funny. This time he decided to photobomb us. It actually turned out really cool and the family loves it. Made for a hilarious candid moment. Really you can’t script this stuff!

Since this surfer dude is now part of the official family portrait for this family. I now hear formal adoption proceedings are in the works.


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