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Many photographers claim that it is impossible to create quality portraits any other time of day besides golden hour. Usually starting an hour before sunset. Unfortunately if that’s all you have ever learned then that is all you know. Otherwise the truth of the matter is, it is possible. You just have to approach the session differently. At Clearwater Beach Portraits we offer the classic sunset session portrait times. It makes for beautiful light, it is easiest to work with, and well I think we just do an incredible job with it. That’s probably why we do over 200 sessions a year and are the busiest photographers on the beach. However, morning sessions offer a different and unique style of light all its own. It just takes experience on how to work with it. We offer sessions in both the morning and the evening. Morning sessions we make more about candid images and working with the contrasty light we have to work with. Instead of fighting against the light, you have to use it to your benefit. The image of the two boys looking out over the water is a perfect of example of this. That shadows from the directional light really make this image work. And the color of the water and clarity is something that can only be obtained in a morning session, in the evening the sun is westerly, it’s going the wrong way! So each way, either shooting at golden hour or in the morning, has its own unique qualities. That’s what makes photography fun and diverse. We love creating wonderful Clearwater Beach Photography anytime. We make sure everyone gets beautiful images, that’s what we have staked our reputation on. We love what we do and love sharing it with you. We hope you enjoy these images as much as us.


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