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September has been a fantastic month to slow down just a little bit and reflect on this past summer. However, although the pace is a bit slower in September compared to other months, we’ve still been plenty busy creating portraits for new families, couples, and also squeezing in some vow renewals and weddings here and there! We are super excited to create new Clearwater Beach Photography going into November and December! We’ve been getting new calls every day for scheduling Clearwater Beach Portrait sessions for the holidays. We love talking to people from all over the country and the world when they call in. We get to learn so much about them, their families, and their plans for the holidays! It’s a great day for us when we spend most of it on the phone talking to new customers and catching up with old ones. Like we always tell everyone. We’re always here for you! We always pick up the phone, unless we are behind the camera creating portraits. We believe in being prompt and giving personalized attention to everyone. It’s such an important part of the process. We want you to feel like a valued part of the Clearwater Beach Portraits family, because… You are!

We are so grateful to all of the amazing families who have helped us grow as a company, photographers, and as individuals. Each and everyone of you touch our lives in a unique and special way. That’s probably the best part of our job. Getting to interact with such a diverse amount of people from all over. The biggest thing that I have learned over the years is that in spite of our diversity, we are all so similar. Similar in the regard that we place such a high importance on family. That’s what Clearwater Beach Portraits is all about. That’s what we celebrate everyday when we create new Clearwater Beach Photography.

We can’t wait to meet your family next! We’ll see you on the beautiful shores of Clearwater Beach in the coming months!


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