Rain Rain Go Away… Our super secret Indian Rocks Beach Photography location


It was a beautiful day all day long. Then about 40 minutes before this recent portrait session from last week, a giant storm started to take form. The sky looked like something out of Armageddon. The radar forecast around Clearwater Beach looked even worse. Mom was especially disappointed because this was her only day to do this portrait session before leaving for home. She was only here in Clearwater Beach for a very limited time. So we said… Ok, lets just see what we can pull off. We wanted to try and at least get her one or two images, so she didn’t leave empty handed. At least she would have something.


So we began to create some portraits. This little girl in the portraits was amazing. She had so much personality and loved to play to the camera. Which made getting at least a couple initial portraits very easy. The sky started to look worse though after we squeezed in one or two images. Then the authorities started patrolling the beach, telling everyone to get off the beach because of lightning.

The situation just went from bad to worse. It started to look like this portrait session was over.

However, at Clearwater Beach Portraits, we don’t surrender that easily. We knew how important it was to mom to have these pictures. We could hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes how disappointed she was over the weather. We south down the coast and saw the clouds clearing up a few miles down the road. So we made a snap decision.

We told mom to jump in her car and follow us. Our destination? A super secret back up location we had used once or twice before. A little nook around Indian Rocks Beach, a tiny little beach access point. So today we were turning this Clearwater Beach Portrait Session into an Indian Rocks Beach Photography Session. Well… whatever works right?


We arrived to our top secret because location in a matter of minutes. The sky was clearer here, but we had one problem. It was raining. We had a light sprinkle. Not bad. But just enough to be bad for the cameras, and have wet hair and clothes in a matter minutes.

So I turned to mom and said. Well it is the beach. How about we just work with the rain and just go run in the water. Lets turn lemons into lemonade. After all you never know what your going to get.

Mom said, lets go for it….

So we did…


What happened next was magic. We worked fast, directed ideas in a very speedy fashion. Just in case it started pouring at any second. But it never did rain any harder.



The Indian Rocks Beach Photography we captured at out super secret agent location turned out to be absolutely magical. In fact… these portraits turned out so amazing. Perhaps we should make this special Indian Rocks Beach Family Portrait spot a regular choice for families who are vacationing a little further up Gulf Blvd towards St. Petersburg Beach, Redington Shores, and also on Indian Rocks Beach. But we are definitely keeping the name “Our Super Secret Indian Rocks Beach Photography”…. Sounds mysterious, right?




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