Group Photography on Clearwater Beach

One of the most frequent requests we get is for large groups. Clearwater Beach is a great place to host your family reunion and you shouldn’t miss this rare opportunity to get pictures of everyone.  Lucky for you we have years of experience with large groups.

The key to family reunion photography on the beach is to have a system. Over the years we’ve perfected a quick and easy way to get all the pictures you need in a short amount of time. We’ll photograph the whole extended family as well as each individual group, then move to specialty shots like all the grandkids, generational portraits, all the cousins and so on.

Be sure and check out our page for great tips on family reunion photography!

Posing Your Clearwater Beach Group Portrait

We like to pose different ways depending on the people in the picture and whether they are standing or sitting. We try to get a variety in the session… some that are “huggy and fun” and some that are more “casually formal.”  Don’t be shy about asking for something specific.

Tips for Group Portraits on Clearwater Beach

Once we get set up, have everyone pay attention and try to keep the kids under control (hard to do at the beach we know!) We want to get as many great family beach portraits as we can and so the quicker things move the better. We’ll typically do the big group first, then break down to smaller groups. If someone is elderly or has trouble on the sand, let us know and we’ll do them first so they can leave. The same goes for small children. If it’s past nap time, let’s do them first! Regardless, rest assured that we’ve seen it all before so don’t be worried about us.

If you have specific family groups you want photographed, make a list and get it to us ahead of time.

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