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We love movement in our Clearwater Beach photography. We’re not so worried about little ones sitting still and saying cheese for a portrait if you hadn’t noticed. At Clearwater Beach Portraits, we believe that Family Portraits on the Beach should be fun and that sometimes you just have to let kids be themselves. It pays off big to sometimes take a step back and see just what exactly that little guy is up too. The power of observation. Of course direction is good, but what so many photographers don’t get is that you have to give direction in a relaxing in casual way, and not be so ridged. You need to let the portrait session flow in it’s own way. It’s a balance of direction, posing, and having a keen eye to those photojournalistic moments.























So much of our best Clearwater Beach Photography is based around the movement of flowing images. Classically structured and posed family portraits are great and all, and we do a few here and there as part of every session. But, we also do a lot of moving images. Not just the cliché walking along the shore line that every photographer does. Human beings are always in motion. It is partially that movement that makes us such beautiful and interesting subjects to photograph.

Also, especially the kids need to be entertained, they have energy and that energy should be utilized and given an outlet. Family Portrait Sessions at the beach should never feel like a chore for the kids and should never feel like some sort of a punishment in which they need to bribed into giving cheesy smiles. That’s just lame. But unfortunately that is what we see going on with so many other photographers every time we are photographing our own portraits at the beach. It is actually heart breaking to see, so much so that we wish we had the time to photograph every single family that visits Clearwater Beach and who is looking for a photographer. Our Clearwater Beach Photography is just as important to us as it is to you. It is that ethic which has made us so popular. We really care about the families we are working for.

This image from the other day is an exceptional example of how movement is so powerful in family portrait photography. This little guy has a very limited understanding of what is going on and doesn’t understand why he would have to sit still for portrait when he is in such a stimulating environment such as the beach. All he knows is that he wants to explore, and play. He’s little that is what he is supposed to do. So instead of forcing something upon him that is unnatural. We work with him. Let him be a kid. Set up a concept that will stimulate his need to play and his need for exploration, while at the same time getting and amazing beach portrait.

What is really funny is many of the parents we work with are not used to this approach. We can tell that in the past they may have had very different experiences with photographers. Many times, just like with this image, at the moment of capture when I tell everyone they can get up because we are done with that pose, mom turns to me and says… “Did you really get something out of that?” At which point we just smile and say, “Absolutely, you bet we did!”…

As a portrait photographer it is important to take control, communicate ideas, and give direction. But sometimes taking control actually means, observing the unique personalities of each one of the people you are creating a portrait of and to work in natural way with them. It’s really best to spend a few moments learning the mannerisms of who you are shooting, it doesn’t take long. But the rewards can be tremendous.

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