When it comes to creating beautiful Clearwater Beach Photography, photographing large groups is where we shine. We love creating memories for families with large groups and we’ve become the local beach photography experts over the years when it comes to multi-generational family portraits. We charge the same $295 flat rate regardless of the group size, and yes that still includes the high-resolution image files. Pretty awesome!

Photographing large groups brings its own unique challenges but we work quickly and efficiently to get you a large variety of pictures from your family portrait session at Clearwater Beach. Within one hour we are able to photograph multiple family portraits of the entire group, break downs of the individual families within the larger group, and do many combinations such as the kids by themselves, kids with grandparents, and so on. Most of our clients are often astonished at how great we perform at our job. In fact the biggest compliment we hear repeatedly is that when we photograph a portrait session, it is the smoothest one they have ever experienced. On display throughout this page is a sampling of just some of the images we created from a recent family portrait session on Clearwater Beach.

Our biggest secret is we stay organized from beginning to end. We start off as one large group. The purpose of this is to start from the very first shot with a family portrait of the entire group. Now that we have everyone in place, we immediately go into breakdowns of family portraits for all the families within the group. Next. we typically mix it up with the individual families again, this time doing some more natural, fun, and cute family portrait set ups. Then shoot candid portraits of any children in the group. Towards the latter part of the session we photograph grandparents with all the grandchildren and then do any special requests of particular combinations. Staying organized and working methodically while having fun is the biggest key to success when creating beach portraits of large groups.

We love what we do and it shows in our work. We especially love photographing large groups, often times they are the most exciting sessions we photograph. If you are having a family reunion on Clearwater Beach and want the best for you and your entire family, then Clearwater Beach Portraits is the top choice on the beach.