“So there we were…” Pirates!

So there we were in the middle of a beautiful Clearwater Beach photography session, when off in the distance we suddenly heard the echo of canons firing. It couldn’t be… Could it?


Luckily for us, they seemed to be the friendly Pirate types. Perhaps they were circling the beach, preparing to come ashore to look for buried treasure. Or maybe, they had just heard that Clearwater Beach was voted the best beach town and just wanted to check out the place and stay a while. Regardless, what a great way to end a session. That little boy will always remember the pirate ship he saw at sunset along the horizon, and the roar of the canons. Captured forever by in a stunning Clearwater Beach Portrait.

If your vacationing on Clearwater Beach, be sure to check out this linkĀ http://captmemo.com/ for more information on the Pirate Ship. Your kids will love it.

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