Standing out from the crowd with Clearwater Beach Photography

What goes into a Clearwater Beach Portrait image?
Well, here was an unusually busy day at Sand Key on Clearwater Beach where we do the sessions.
Firstly here is the final image…
But take a look at the original. There was three weddings taking place. Tourists enjoying a day at the beach. And a few other photographers. Though we try to encourage most of our families to shoot on any other day other than Saturdays, Saturdays aren’t really a problem either. Just takes a little extra work on the images.
We try to make everything as nice as possible. Even when there are about 100 people in the background to photoshop out. We don’t charge extra for this. We just consider it as part of what should be done….
Just another one of the differences that separate our Clearwater Beach Photography from the rest of the crowd… No pun intended…


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