Surprise Engagement on Clearwater Beach

One of the more interesting things that we get asked to do here at Clearwater Beach Portraits is to photograph an actual marriage proposal. The groom will call and tell us where he plans to propose and we go out and photograph it, while pretending that we are not photographing it.

Last week we were waiting on the beach for the couple to arrive when it started to rain. Not a big rain, light at first. We stuck it out and shortly the couple arrived for their stroll on the beach before dinner at the Sand Pearl Resort. She must have been wondering why he insisted they go for a walk in the rain!

We shot so many images, despite the rain! Here are just a few of our favorites!

All the couples friends were hiding out at the beach bar behind the resort and came running out to congratulate..

At this point, the rain was really starting to come down so we headed for cover and had a few drinks while we waited for the squall to pass…

The great thing about summer storms in Florida is that they don’t last for long! A short while later we were back on the beach for group shots..

… and then some time alone with the couple!

Family Portraits on the Beach in Clearwater

Clearwater Beach Family Portraits 1

The best thing about being a family portrait photographer on the beach in Clearwater is the people that you get to meet every day. We see it all, from small families to giant groups, across multiple generations… and we get to share a few moments with each one. 

Clearwater Beach Family Portraits 4

One of the best ideas you will ever have is to get a multi-generational portrait shot on the beach in Clearwater. Trust me on this one, I just recently had my own family portrait done with my parents, their kids, their grandkids and the great=great-grandkids. It’s hanging in a place of prominince in my home as well as the homes of every person in the photograph. Family portraits bring you joy every day!

Here’s just some of what we’ve been up to in April.


We’re getting ready for another amazing summer at Clearwater Beach! Even May is shaping up to be a very busy month. The month of May is already almost completely booked up. We’re excited about creating awesome Clearwater Beach Photography straight through summer. We still have openings on our calendar for June and July, so be sure to call us as early as possible to reserve your portrait session. We typically try to encourage everyone to schedule their Clearwater Beach Photography earlier in their stay, before you get sun burnt and also to leave some wiggle room aso we can schedule back up days for you in case of a rainy day.

Here’s is just some of the Clearwater Beach Family Portraits we created in April so far!

photocrati gallery

We even got the special honor to create some incredible Senior Portraits at Clearwater Beach this month too.

photocrati gallery

We look forward to seeing you at the beach next!

Be sure to call us today at 727-793-7828 to get on the calendar.

Flying Kites at the Beach makes for Amazing Clearwater Beach Photography!

photocrati gallery

This recent session was all about fun time with Grandma and Flying Kites! Check it out! Kites were a first for us and then kind of like the guy who invented wheels on luggage, we thought…. Why didn’t we think of this sooner! Genius Idea! We loved it, had a fantastic time photographing this session and hope you love it too. Kites + Clearwater Beach Photography = AMAZING Clearwater Beach Portraits!