Surprise Engagement on Clearwater Beach

One of the more interesting things that we get asked to do here at Clearwater Beach Portraits is to photograph an actual marriage proposal. The groom will call and tell us where he plans to propose and we go out and photograph it, while pretending that we are not photographing it.

Last week we were waiting on the beach for the couple to arrive when it started to rain. Not a big rain, light at first. We stuck it out and shortly the couple arrived for their stroll on the beach before dinner at the Sand Pearl Resort. She must have been wondering why he insisted they go for a walk in the rain!

We shot so many images, despite the rain! Here are just a few of our favorites!

All the couples friends were hiding out at the beach bar behind the resort and came running out to congratulate..

At this point, the rain was really starting to come down so we headed for cover and had a few drinks while we waited for the squall to pass…

The great thing about summer storms in Florida is that they don’t last for long! A short while later we were back on the beach for group shots..

… and then some time alone with the couple!

Flying Kites at the Beach makes for Amazing Clearwater Beach Photography!

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This recent session was all about fun time with Grandma and Flying Kites! Check it out! Kites were a first for us and then kind of like the guy who invented wheels on luggage, we thought…. Why didn’t we think of this sooner! Genius Idea! We loved it, had a fantastic time photographing this session and hope you love it too. Kites + Clearwater Beach Photography = AMAZING Clearwater Beach Portraits!

August is an awesome time of year for Clearwater Beach Portraits!


“I just wanted YOU to know.that I just viewed the pictures and you made me cry they are so perfect.  Thankyou so much I couldnt have asked for more….”
– Stephanie

‘We love the pictures, thanks so much.  I re-create pics of my kids every year on the beach, and I was trying to do it before sunset. (They will probably be on awkward family photos one day lol).’

– Jennifer

It’s always wonderful to receive nice little notes in our email like these from the past weekend. It makes what we do feel so rewarding. When we created and envisioned a few years ago, we set out with the goal to make top notch family photography affordable. We asked ourselves why can’t family portraits be really fun, no hassle, with really amazing image quality, but yet also be really affordable. We took over 12 years of knowledge of owning and operating two brick and mortar photography studios and years of experience shooting countless types of portraiture, and then created the methodology behind Clearwater Beach Portraits. We are now approaching, doing over 200 family portraits a year, so we are happy to declare success. started as a special social project and grew into a thriving business. We have our customers from all over the country and the entire globe to thank for that.

We usually expect August to be a little slower. With all the kids going back to school and family summer vacations ending. To our pleasant surprise, we are actually proud to boast that we are just about as busy as we were in June and July. That’s a really huge deal for us. It was completely unexpected! This year is going to be a breakthrough year for our business model and we really have YOU to thank for this success story. Clearwater Beach Portraits LLC is really your creation. It was built for you not us, it was built based off of lots of customer feedback about how they use their images and what they really want out of their portrait photography.

So even though getting thank you notes in our email is totally awesome. It’s we that actually want to thank you.

Really, thanks so much for everything. We truly adore all of the families we get to work with.

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Some of our latest work – More fantastic Clearwater Beach Photography

It’s been hard to keep up with the blog lately, because we have been extremely busy and focused on getting all of our work turned around in 7-days or less. The month of May was a fantastic month, with many great families to work with. We’ve decided to start a “best of” section which we will be adding to the website to chronicle the best of Clearwater Beach Portraiture year to year, starting this year. In the mean time, please enjoy these images which we have taken in the last week of May. June is now here, and about half of the month is all booked up. So expect to see some more amazing portraiture soon from our awesome Clearwater Beach Photography sessions. We love what we do, and love sharing our work. Hope you enjoy. See you at the beach this summer!

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Some images from the latest Clearwater Beach photography portrait sessions.

This year has been off to a flying start. February was filled with some really great Clearwater Beach Photography. Be sure to always stay on top of the latest images by visiting our Facebook page here. We had quite a few amazing Clearwater Beach Portrait sessions. Here are some images from just the last week. We had the pleasure of photographing a small wedding and a few family portraits for some out of town guests last week. Looking forward to a few more next week and we are already getting calls for summer sessions from families planning their family portraits around their summer vacations. We’ll be out on the beach creating amazing family portraits. Hope to see you there!

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