Thanksgiving Week and Family Portraits at the Beach – A yearly tradition :)

Thanksgiving week is coming up quickly. It’s one of our most favorite times of a year because we get to reflect on how thankful we are for all of you! We love creating Clearwater Beach Photography, and especially love this time of year. November and Thanksgiving week at Clearwater Beach is the time of year when the whole family gets together. Creating multi-generational family portraits at the beach with large groups is more common during Thanksgiving, and we have a blast working to make you’re Clearwater Beach Photography experience amazing!


Thanksgiving time also marks the winding down of the year. It gives us time to think back over the year. It’s always fun to go through pictures we took over the last many months and remember the good times, the laughs we shared with so many, and those especially silly times with all the kids. We love what we do, we think it shows in all of our Clearwater Beach Photography. Working with all the children makes our job especially special. They are truly the stars of our beach portraits. We have a huge heart for family and family portraits at Clearwater Beach. It’s all of you that have made our dreams come true, allowing us to create awesome Clearwater Beach Family Portraits everyday. So we’re thankful to be allowed to create beach portraits for you again this year! We’ll see you at Clearwater Beach!

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Here’s just some of what we’ve been up to in April.


We’re getting ready for another amazing summer at Clearwater Beach! Even May is shaping up to be a very busy month. The month of May is already almost completely booked up. We’re excited about creating awesome Clearwater Beach Photography straight through summer. We still have openings on our calendar for June and July, so be sure to call us as early as possible to reserve your portrait session. We typically try to encourage everyone to schedule their Clearwater Beach Photography earlier in their stay, before you get sun burnt and also to leave some wiggle room aso we can schedule back up days for you in case of a rainy day.

Here’s is just some of the Clearwater Beach Family Portraits we created in April so far!

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We even got the special honor to create some incredible Senior Portraits at Clearwater Beach this month too.

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We look forward to seeing you at the beach next!

Be sure to call us today at 727-793-7828 to get on the calendar.

We’re your Clearwater Beach Photographers for 2016

We’re starting the New Year off right with lots of family portraits in January! With the exception of just a few days this month the weather has been otherwise perfect for creating new family portraits at Clearwater Beach. Speaking of making new Clearwater Beach Photography. Check out this recent family beach portrait session from about a week ago! You know you have a cool uncle if he comes up with the idea if setting up a family portrait session while everyone is on vacation. You also know you’re going to have a great time when everyone is originally from Ohio and are Ohio State fanatics. So of course we incorporated a little Ohio State love into these Clearwater Beach Portraits.  We had a wonderful time and shared lots of laughs. A perfect example of why we have the coolest job on the planet. Because we simply get to work with cool people all the time. 🙂


We’re staying super busy getting ready for the coming spring break and summer seasons. We love getting lots of calls, emails, and facebook messages from old friends we have created beach portraits for in years past, letting us know they are coming back. We’re excited to make new friends and meet new families from all over the USA again this year. We always have a great time.

In case you’re new here and are just recently checking us out. Let us fill you in on the Clearwater Beach Portraits difference and why we would be so happy, proud, and honored to work with your family this year. Here’s just three simple points off the top of our heads to consider.

Number one, it sounds so simple, but we always pick up the phone unless we are behind the camera creating portraits. We are fanatics about treating people great, some people call this customer service, we just think it’s how a photography business should be run. We’re freaky fast with responding to inquiries and answering questions. We love what we do and it shows from the very first moment you talk to us.

Number two, we’re always fun to work with, always have a smile on our face, and have the experience to make your Clearwater Beach Photography memorable. We don’t experiment on anyone, our methods are tried, true, and tested. We’re educated and experienced photographers and we’re really good at working with children.

Number three ….. We just simply care about what we do. It goes way beyond just our love for photography. What we really enjoy the most about making Clearwater Beach Portraits is getting to interact with such a large and diverse amount of families from all over. We’ve said it over and over throughout the years, but it warms our heart so much when we think about all the families we get to work with. From all different backgrounds and walks of life. That at our core, we’re all so similar in that each and everyone of us place such a huge importance on family. After all that’s why we’re here. So really, that alone is what makes our job so special. We do more than just create images… We provide you and your family not just photographs but also a memorable and fun experience that will leave you with a smile on your face.

We can’t wait to see you at Clearwater Beach in 2016!

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Huge new wave of June 2015 family portraits starts now!

Summer 2015 has been incredible so far! We’ve been creating amazing Clearwater Beach Photography every single day. We’re busier than ever, working with some of the sweetest families we have met yet! We’re so excited to share some of our most recent Clearwater Beach Family Portraits with you, and we’re so proud of the work we have been doing for these beautiful families. So we like to show off.

June is pretty well booked up the rest of the month. July is about halfway full, so there is still time reserve a session and come hang out with us at the beach. If your needing a June portrait, still give us a call and we may be able to squeeze you in somewhere.

We are so thankful to all of the amazing families who choose us for their Clearwater Beach Photography. Besides the new families we have met this year. We’ve also gotten to re-visit with some families from previous years. Getting to visit again with old friends is super exciting.

We want to thank you for following us, and thank you even more for your interest in our Clearwater Beach Family Portraits. We hope to see you at the beach soon!

Have a great summer!

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What makes visiting Clearwater Beach so special to you?


This image was created with a our little sidekick the Fuji X-M1 – Great little camera for shooting all kinds of things like our recent boat ride and other stuff where a full blown DSLR isn’t needed.


What makes visiting Clearwater Beach so special to you?

I ask some form of this question quite often when talking to folks planning their trip or during our sessions. Part of the great joy that comes from being a beach photographer, is interacting, and getting to know so many different families from all over. What I find amazing from my personal experience, through working with such a diversity of people from all different walks of life, is that the we are all more alike than different.

I once asked the mother during one of our Clearwater Beach family portraits a similar question last year and her answer stuck with me. She said she was raised far away from a beach. Her beach back home was a tub in the backyard. In which herself and siblings played in. One of her earliest and most recalled childhood memories was the family vacation her parents took them on to Clearwater Beach. Which is why she continued the tradition with her own children. The very first time she stepped foot on the beach, was sort of frightening. Because of all the water. But yet exciting at the same time. She said her first memories of the beach was so different than anything she was used to, and that she never knew there was such beauty in the world.

For other folks it may be that going to the beach was a regular part of their childhood. Spending weekends boating on Dad’s boat, lazy Sundays at the beach after church searching for sea shells and playing in the sand, and even regular picnics at the beach. For me growing up, I remember Mom and Dad always taking us to have a picnic on the beach at least once a week during the summertime. We also used to ride around in my Dad’s boat, spending time fishing and taking in the sights, as shown in the top of this article with a recent picture of Clearwater Beach captured with our Fuji X-M1 sidekick Camera.

It seems that spending time at the beach as a family is such a sought out common thread that bonds together so many of us. It’s a special place where we make happy memories as a family. A place where we as adults travel to, in order to shrug off the responsibilities of the day to day grind and just enjoy our children… Enjoy being with our spouse… To just enjoy life. To take a time out.

So it seems only natural as to why family portraits at Clearwater Beach are so important too. We are ridiculously blessed to be able to share in these moments by creating family portraits for so many. I’m in awe of how blessed I am as a photographer to be enabled to witness such moments in peoples lives nearly every day. It’s especially the children we photograph, that keep me young at heart, keep my silly and never too serious, and make me genuinely want to make their portrait session a super silly, fun, and exciting experience.

Here is another recent Clearwater Beach Photography session that we did out on Clearwater Beach. We look forward to working with your family next. All of us at Clearwater Beach Portraits are so thankful that you choose us time and time again to create works of art from your family experience at the beach. Together, we keep creating beautiful things and our website is a testament to the power of family. The importance of togetherness, and why family is the most important thing in our lives. As you pour over the art that we’ve created over the years throughout this website with over sixteen hundred images, remember you’re the artist giving us the content, the beach is the canvas, and we’re just the brush. Each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart.

Thanks so much for being part of our journey and letting us play a little itty bitty role in yours.

– JP

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