Spring Break 2015 Continues with New Clearwater Beach Photography

Spring Break 2015 continues with sessions being photographed daily! Here are some of our favorite images from last weeks Clearwater Beach Photography sessions! We’ve been busy creating family portraits nearly every single night this month, and staying on top of finishing each session to get them done within seven days or less. Hope you enjoy these latest images. As always too see more, be sure to check out our facebook page as we update that even more frequently than our blog. https://www.facebook.com/ClearwaterBeachPortraits?ref=hl

We’ll see you at the beach!

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March is an exciting time for Family Portraits at Clearwater Beach.

March is always an exciting time for us. The weather is beautiful. It’s not too hot and the water feels just right. Plus, lots of families are visiting this time a year for spring break.  March and April are some of the greatest months for family portraits at the beach.

We recently had a family come visit us all the way from Holland! Here is a few of the images we made for them. We’ll see you on the beach!

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Fun times creating Clearwater Beach Photography.

This family was a blast to photograph. When we arrived the kids were already down at the beach splashing around in the water at Clearwater Beach. Laid back good times was what this session was all about. You could really feel the sense of very close bonds this family had with each other. And the couples, talk about some happy couples. Both the couples in this group were so adorable. You could just feel the love. It seemed like every other frame we had during the editing process they were looking at each other with big smiles full of love. That’s an amazing thing to witness. It’s a blessing that we get to share in and capture such moments with countless families every year as we capture their families Clearwater Beach Photography. After photographing hundreds of beach family portraits, I can attest that it really does never get old. Family portraits are never the same experience from one family to the next. We love keeping the kids energized during our portrait sessions on the beach, because we want them to have fun and not feel like getting portraits created is a chore. The kids here were amazing to work with. So full of energy and we’re just really awesome and happy kids. They loved playing at the beach and we loved photographing them. It’s working with the kids which is the best part of the job. It’s always so much fun.

We can’t wait to see you out on the beach next!

We are getting a lot of inquires already for October, November, and even December. So be sure to call us, so we can discuss your family portrait needs at the beach a little earlier this year. Because it is going to be an extremely busy year. We did 93 portrait sessions in June, July, and August alone. So we are preparing for an even busier holiday season. We’re ready for you and your family next!

There’s a reason why we are the busiest photographers at Clearwater Beach. That’s because we listen to our customers needs. We make their Clearwater Beach Photography about them not us. We are silly and crazy, and love getting the kids excited about portraits. We’re very high-energy because we love what we do. We are also experts at communicating our portrait ideas, posing, and creating those journalistic shots.

The biggest reason we hear over and over again from our customers as to why they chose us, was because our work was vibrant and full of life. It had excitement and real enthusiasm in it. We love to hear that. We believe that consistency counts. The Clearwater Beach Photography you see on this website is consistent. We show ALOT of work here throughout all the pages on this website. If you like the photography you see here, then that’s what your going to get. No surprises or excuses with us. That’s the professional difference behind our Clearwater Beach Photography!

We hope to hear from you and your family soon!

Thanks again for checking out our work.

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August is an awesome time of year for Clearwater Beach Portraits!


“I just wanted YOU to know.that I just viewed the pictures and you made me cry they are so perfect.  Thankyou so much I couldnt have asked for more….”
– Stephanie

‘We love the pictures, thanks so much.  I re-create pics of my kids every year on the beach, and I was trying to do it before sunset. (They will probably be on awkward family photos one day lol).’

– Jennifer

It’s always wonderful to receive nice little notes in our email like these from the past weekend. It makes what we do feel so rewarding. When we created and envisioned ClearwaterBeachPortraits.com a few years ago, we set out with the goal to make top notch family photography affordable. We asked ourselves why can’t family portraits be really fun, no hassle, with really amazing image quality, but yet also be really affordable. We took over 12 years of knowledge of owning and operating two brick and mortar photography studios and years of experience shooting countless types of portraiture, and then created the methodology behind Clearwater Beach Portraits. We are now approaching, doing over 200 family portraits a year, so we are happy to declare success.

ClearwaterBeachPortraits.com started as a special social project and grew into a thriving business. We have our customers from all over the country and the entire globe to thank for that.

We usually expect August to be a little slower. With all the kids going back to school and family summer vacations ending. To our pleasant surprise, we are actually proud to boast that we are just about as busy as we were in June and July. That’s a really huge deal for us. It was completely unexpected! This year is going to be a breakthrough year for our business model and we really have YOU to thank for this success story. Clearwater Beach Portraits LLC is really your creation. It was built for you not us, it was built based off of lots of customer feedback about how they use their images and what they really want out of their portrait photography.

So even though getting thank you notes in our email is totally awesome. It’s we that actually want to thank you.

Really, thanks so much for everything. We truly adore all of the families we get to work with.

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Some of our latest work – More fantastic Clearwater Beach Photography

It’s been hard to keep up with the blog lately, because we have been extremely busy and focused on getting all of our work turned around in 7-days or less. The month of May was a fantastic month, with many great families to work with. We’ve decided to start a “best of” section which we will be adding to the website to chronicle the best of Clearwater Beach Portraiture year to year, starting this year. In the mean time, please enjoy these images which we have taken in the last week of May. June is now here, and about half of the month is all booked up. So expect to see some more amazing portraiture soon from our awesome Clearwater Beach Photography sessions. We love what we do, and love sharing our work. Hope you enjoy. See you at the beach this summer!

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