Those Crazy Family Photojournalistic Moments – Leica Style – Children’s Portraits with Leica M8

Sometimes the unexpected happens. It all started with what seemed like a normal family portrait session. Great weather, a Beautiful Beach, and a large gathering of a multi-generational family for a portrait. Cousins, Brothers, and Sisters included! Well the family portrait went great, and we got some amazing images. I always joke around with the kids when photographing every session. I love to get the parent’s in trouble too. 🙂 I’m just evil like that. Well at the end of this session, I said to the kids. “Well, Mom and Dad said you were so good, you get to do anything you want tonight!” Well, I guess they had swimming on their minds, because they all bolted as fast as they could, and headed straight into the water. Fully clothed! 🙂 For a couple of the kids, it was their first time ever to the beach. I thought all the parents were going to kill me, until grandpa jumped in too!

I usually shoot with Nikon or Canon Cameras, but I just so happened to be switching it up that day and shooting the session with my trusty personal camera, a beautifully crafted, photojournalistic machine, Leica M8. The camera always delivers a nice classic look of tones and colors straight out of the camera. There is just something timeless about using such a masterpiece like a Leica, and it was perfectly suited to what transpired right before me.

That day was a great day at the beach. Truly Memorable.

One of my favorite portrait sessions of all time.

IMG_5957.jpgIMG_5990.jpgIMG_6020.jpgIMG_6024.jpgIMG_6039 (1).jpgIMG_6070.jpgIMG_6081.jpg



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