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An image like this is what makes me excited about wedding photography.  An image like this happens when people let us do what we do. Some people understandably have a hard time letting go in order to let us direct images. In the past they would send us pre-conceived notions from pinterest and other sources online instead of just trusting us to roll with their personalities. Sometimes because of all the junk on the internet, unrealistic expectations form. In my past life I photographed  lots of weddings and got frustrated by trendy stuff or people that hired us but then didn’t seem to want to let us do what they hired us to do. I have never liked the keep up with the joneses mentality of the wedding industry and always danced to my own drum. Then I fell ill and was no longer able to really stand photographing really long weddings anymore. In mid 2013 I was in a serious car accident which was caused by complications of an illness. Many people didn’t realize this even happened. We kept it hush hush and kept chugging along re-focusing on family portraits and shorter duration jobs that required less time in the field. I am recovering well now so no worries there. But these days my focus and the focus of my team is on beautiful family portraits because they are so much fun. In fact we have photographed over 150 of them this year alone so far. We will take weddings, but smaller weddings, 5 hours or less and a lot of them at the beach and sometimes elsewhere. I usually focus on the ceremony and portraits aspect of the weddings and my assistants shoot out the receptions as needed. The last year has been a series of ups and downs, and very emotional. What is amazing is our business has grown faster than ever and we are really blessed to have a huge following. Really, you have probably never seen a grown man get as teary eyed and emotional as I have due to the out-pouring of good will and just from having such amazing people to work with this year. It really has just been an unbelievable year.

Images like this one here is what makes me excited about wedding photography still. When we get to really work and mesh well with the personalities of the people we are working with.

When we are trusted to run with it. When we are trusted to do what we are hired to do.



So if you or you know someone who is looking for an affordable wedding photographer with a good heart, who likes to keep it simple, who likes to keep it fun, then we should talk and see if we are good fit. We are always 100% honest about discussing expectations, yours and ours. We like to live stress free and just create images that make people happy. It’s good for the soul. That is really what photography should be about.

We keep our wedding photography affordable because we choose to as a personal decision for us and it is what makes us happy. Can you find wedding photography cheaper elsewhere? Absolutely. Can you find work like ours though? With a work ethic like ours? If you can find better work cheaper, then I absolutely encourage you to go and explore that option. Because it really comes down to quality of work and originality. Unfortunately we know what is out there because we have been around a long time. Most likely you’re going to find work on the level of ours for quite a bit more money. For every photographer that is humble and produces great work at reasonable prices there are a hundred others who either try to pull the wool over unsuspecting peoples eyes with a non-consistent portfolio or try to push off sub-standard work at absurd prices. We can always promise you this… We care about you. We care about the work we do and the industry we work in. Even if we aren’t a good fit, we care so much that we would happily point you in the right direction to other photographers we know who can be trusted, or who may be a better fit for you.

We keep our wedding photography affordable also because we really enjoy making beautiful work available to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether they can afford a 40k dollar wedding or a 5k dollar one. That is just a philosophy we have always believed in. EVERYONE deserves great wedding photography. What is sad is in the past we have been blasted and made fun of by other wedding photographers for this philosophy. We’ve actually been told that we are wrong to feel the way we do about our work and keeping it affordable. We’ve been told we are wrong because if people can’t afford high prices then they don’t deserve great work. Really? Yep… That has really happened. Unfortunately this pretentious mentality plagues our industry and has become common place. We checked our egos at the door a long time ago. Because as we got older and wiser we realized that no one has ever lasted in this business by charging crazy prices and having bad attitudes, just simply out of the mis-guided thought that they were going to get rich quick. Actually we have seen many get rich quick photographer types come and go. So who are the  photographers in our community who are still around? Who has had the staying power? They are the humble ones, who always strive to better themselves and their work, and who don’t let their egos get in the way of having a successful business and building real relationships with people over the long haul.

If you want to learn more about our wedding photography services then please click here.

We really had fun creating these images at the Clearwater Beach Hilton and hope you enjoy it too.





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