Carolyn_and_John_Paul_Tampa_Wedding_PhotographersWe are Tampa Wedding Photographers, but also we’re a lot like you. We create amazing wedding photography as a couple for other couples from all over the country who come to the Tampa Area to get married. We are a team, in fact we do everything together, and wouldn’t have it any other way. It is such an incredible gift to us to be able to share our love of wedding photography when we share in the love story of so many other couples getting married.

John Paul has been a wedding photographer his entire life. In fact, he never has had any other job of any sort. He considers that a blessing because such a small percentage of photographers are actually able to support themselves full-time with their work. He began his career as a wedding photographer, apprenticing under some of the best in the industry during his early twenties. He has owned two actual brick and mortar studio locations over the years in the Dunedin and Clearwater Area. Clearwater Beach Portraits started as a side project but ended up exploding in popularity. Originally it was a website designed to get some extra family portraits at the beach. A side project for fun. During the first year, we did over 90 family portraits on Clearwater Beach. In year two, over 200 family portraits, year three over 300… Clearwater Beach Portraits was designed around the promise of amazing family oriented photography, at really affordable prices. We wanted to build a business based around trust and building relationships, one where people didn’t feel like they were risking a lot going into the photography experience, fearing they wouldn’t like their images. Because we know, from being in this industry for so long and seeing so much, that it isCarolyn_Wedding_Photography easy to get bamboozled by what looks like a good portfolio which may or may not be truly representative of that photographers work.

down_on_the_farm_wedding_photographerThroughout this website there is over 1500 images when you include the main website and blog. We demonstrate over and over again, that we are consistent, creative, and reliable. We work hard and that is the simple reason why we are successful. We treat everyone like family. Such a simple philosophy, but it works.

John Paul is a master wedding photographer who has photographed over 500 weddings at every single major venue in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater Areas. He is well known and well regarded as one of the best wedding photographers around. Even if he is a bit controversial, because from day one he never believed in charging thousands upon thousands for his work. He always wanted his work accessible to just about anyone. He believes that everyone deserves great wedding photography. Regardless of their budget. He’s always believed in just being himself. Simple, outgoing, a bit eccentric, and always honest and humble. You’ll never find us coming across as flashy, glitzy photographers or trying to be something we are not.Silly_Wedding_Photographer

Carolyn is John Paul’s best friend, soulmate, partner, and wife. When they met, she was a hair stylist and a teacher at a beauty school. They both quickly decided they wanted to be inseparable and do everything together. At first Carolyn just began tagging along john_paul_wedding_photographerto weddings, wanting learning the ropes. She helped out with details, lighting, and acted as an extra eye to make sure the bride looked fabulous and every tiny detail was perfect. She gradually began to shoot more and more, and has grown into an excellent photographer. Many of the candid moments captured are her images. Carolyn’s outgoing personality really connects with our Brides, and she has become such a huge asset over the years by bringing her own style and fun ideas into the mix. She is the sweetest, kindest, and most gentle woman you will ever meet. Carolyn does much of the editing on the images you see throughout this website. She’s also the master of managing deadlines and making sure everything gets done promptly. Without her, Clearwater Beach Portraits wouldn’t be what it is today.

When we are not working, we enjoy the simple things in life. Taking day trips with our kids to see wildlife and to enjoy the outdoors. We’re big outdoorsy people. We take many quick romantic getaways in between our shooting schedule. We love the beach… That’s obvious 🙂 So, we spend a lot of time there. We’re the kind of spontaneous couple that gets in the car just to see where we end up. A quick trip to the store often turns into an all day road trip to some place we thought would be cool to go to suddenly.

So that is our life and a little bit about us. We hope we get the opportunity to learn more about you soon.



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