What makes visiting Clearwater Beach so special to you?


This image was created with a our little sidekick the Fuji X-M1 – Great little camera for shooting all kinds of things like our recent boat ride and other stuff where a full blown DSLR isn’t needed.


What makes visiting Clearwater Beach so special to you?

I ask some form of this question quite often when talking to folks planning their trip or during our sessions. Part of the great joy that comes from being a beach photographer, is interacting, and getting to know so many different families from all over. What I find amazing from my personal experience, through working with such a diversity of people from all different walks of life, is that the we are all more alike than different.

I once asked the mother during one of our Clearwater Beach family portraits a similar question last year and her answer stuck with me. She said she was raised far away from a beach. Her beach back home was a tub in the backyard. In which herself and siblings played in. One of her earliest and most recalled childhood memories was the family vacation her parents took them on to Clearwater Beach. Which is why she continued the tradition with her own children. The very first time she stepped foot on the beach, was sort of frightening. Because of all the water. But yet exciting at the same time. She said her first memories of the beach was so different than anything she was used to, and that she never knew there was such beauty in the world.

For other folks it may be that going to the beach was a regular part of their childhood. Spending weekends boating on Dad’s boat, lazy Sundays at the beach after church searching for sea shells and playing in the sand, and even regular picnics at the beach. For me growing up, I remember Mom and Dad always taking us to have a picnic on the beach at least once a week during the summertime. We also used to ride around in my Dad’s boat, spending time fishing and taking in the sights, as shown in the top of this article with a recent picture of Clearwater Beach captured with our Fuji X-M1 sidekick Camera.

It seems that spending time at the beach as a family is such a sought out common thread that bonds together so many of us. It’s a special place where we make happy memories as a family. A place where we as adults travel to, in order to shrug off the responsibilities of the day to day grind and just enjoy our children… Enjoy being with our spouse… To just enjoy life. To take a time out.

So it seems only natural as to why family portraits at Clearwater Beach are so important too. We are ridiculously blessed to be able to share in these moments by creating family portraits for so many. I’m in awe of how blessed I am as a photographer to be enabled to witness such moments in peoples lives nearly every day. It’s especially the children we photograph, that keep me young at heart, keep my silly and never too serious, and make me genuinely want to make their portrait session a super silly, fun, and exciting experience.

Here is another recent Clearwater Beach Photography session that we did out on Clearwater Beach. We look forward to working with your family next. All of us at Clearwater Beach Portraits are so thankful that you choose us time and time again to create works of art from your family experience at the beach. Together, we keep creating beautiful things and our website is a testament to the power of family. The importance of togetherness, and why family is the most important thing in our lives. As you pour over the art that we’ve created over the years throughout this website with over sixteen hundred images, remember you’re the artist giving us the content, the beach is the canvas, and we’re just the brush. Each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart.

Thanks so much for being part of our journey and letting us play a little itty bitty role in yours.

– JP


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